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Things aren't what they used to be.

Friends...I have a confession to make. I didn't want to say anything, because it just makes it more "real".

Remember this post? The one in which I boasted about my fabulous, incredible *sob*, wonderful bladder?

Well, things...*sniffle*...I just...*cry*...IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME!!!

I don't understand this. How can I make through 5 pregnancies, 5 deliveries (a couple those including 14 inch heads), and come out with an unscathed bladder...only to have it all go to pot (*snort* pun intended) on me a couple years later?!

How is this fair???? I don't get this!

Here's the dealio (yes, another Despicable Me quote)...if my bladder is full to bursting, things are a little bit what I'd call "difficult to control". If we aren't at the "over capacity" stage, things are still golden (and keep in mind, my "full bladder" is probably somewhere in the 1-2 gallon range).

Yes, if my bladder is under the 1 gallon limit, everything is just fine...I can laugh, sneeze, jump on trampolines all day. Well, all day until my bladder exceeds it's special little "over capacity-ness". Then look out.

I'll knock down children and old ladies on my quest to get to the nearest bathroom. I'll leap tall buildings in a single bound, just to empty this bladder before it decides to start on it's own!

It's a shame. The old girl has forsaken me.

Time to amp up the Kegels. (You just did one, didn't you?)


  1. HAHAHA. The last part was the best!

  2. sure the heck did, i did not realize how bad mine was until jumping on a trampoline this summer.

  3. hahaha! whenever i see the word kegels it's an automatic response!

  4. I need to do a ton of kegels! Aging is no fun at times!

  5. Ha Ha Ha...I did just do one! Good reminder...I hate getting older and noticing that I am getting older.

  6. Yes I did! Ha ha. My mom has always dubbed me the "camel" of the family for my ability to stop once to their three times on road trips. It pains me to know this may have an end one day :(

  7. I consider holding my pee working my it not? LOL!

  8. I started doing the kegels as soon as I started reading it! lol

  9. Remember not to sneeze, jump, laugh, cough, run, yell, skip...

  10. Funny! I did some...then I laughed out loud...and now I have to pee!

  11. I'm giggling right now... hoping and praying that is not my future!!! Hope you are doing well!

  12. Hilarious, the last quote got me rolling on the floor.

  13. I just peed a little laughing at this post! My bladder went to pot with my second one...AND WHY DOES NO ONE WARN ME ABOUT THE TAMPOLINE ISSUE UNTIL ITS TOO LATE?!?! Ugh. Time to go change my pants.

  14. Welcome to the world of EVERY OTHER MOTHER.
    I knew I should have listened about those dang kegals!

  15. OH, darn you. Dang right I did. Hahahaha!

  16. I knew where you post was going, so I was doing them the whole time I read it!
    Did I just admit that? LOL!
    You crack me up!

  17. You are such a stinker. I cracked up at how many gals commented that they did a kegal after reading your post! How did you know they would all do that???? (:>) You must have special powers!

  18. panty liners are my best friend...sneeze with my legs closed tight, LoL..

  19. LOL. I think many of us are right there with you.

  20. LOL, thanks for the reminder, and yes, I did do one. Or more. Also, having five kids, I can totally relate!! Almost ran over a lady with a kid doing the pee-pee dance the other day to get to the potty first. Figured it would be less embarrassing for a child to wet themselves than me!! Getting older stinks!

  21. Hahaha...yes I just did one just before you asked - HOW did you know???!!!!


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