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Winter Fun...

Know what the most brilliant thing hoteliers ever invented for MinneSOOOOta?

Indoor waterparks.


For Christmas, our friend/daycare provider gave my children (and us) passes to go to one of these awesome waterparks! We all (we and they) went to a Holiday Inn in Northern(ish) MN, and it was a wonderful, fun-filled winter getaway for our children.

All of the adults thought that the kids would eventually tucker out...but, when we finally pulled them from the slides/lazy river/pool/hot tub after 5pm, after over 8 hours of playing...THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO!!!

Here's a peek at our fun:

Baby muscles!

Fabulous friends. (I don't know what's up with the peace signs...)

Teenage conversation (I wonder what they're talkin' about?)

Nap time...for daddy and baby.

I LOVED that the kid part of this waterpark was "splash pad" style! I didn't think I'd like it, but it was fabulous! The little kids were much more sure on their feet when the water wasn't up to their knees!

Our kids were completely exhausted by the time we got home. In fact, Belle was still so tired this morning, that she cried from the minute she woke up until...well...gosh, for all I know, she is still crying, 'cuz she left the house all weepy!

Best quote of the day: "Mom, we really need to do this just for fun some day!" -Belle

Er...and what, exactly, was yesterday? Work?!?!?!


  1. The quote is hilarious. Oh children, they can play all day without getting tired!

  2. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day! Here in Colorado, I open all the blinds and sit in the sun, pretending to ignore the snow piling up outside and the fact that the weather man is calling for ten degrees overnight!

  3. looks like a blast and a good way to berat the winter blues

  4. I think great wolfe lodge is the same as this. we haven't gone. we should :)

  5. LOL! We gave our kids a trip to the indoor water park for Christmas. It was suppose to happen this month but then the water pump on our car went out and that is going to cost a little over $800 so maybe next month we can go.

  6. I want to go swimming so badly!
    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!


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