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One Year Old

I had a photoshoot over the weekend of a friend's one year old. Wowza, are they hard to photograph!

They're not so much like newborns, and just sit there...they walk and move and have likes and dislikes...heavy emphasis on the dislikes, especially re: people they don't know well who come over with camera and try to make them sit in one spot.

I did get a couple good ones...but, well...advice? Suggestions? What's the best way to capture a one year old?

She so dang cute...I know I didn't do her justice!!


  1. I like the pic in the middle the best. No advice, my youngest granddaughter is one and I just follow her around with the camera. Wouldn't work with a photoshoot.

  2. When I photograph that age group, I really just try to follow them around and work candidly. It's so hard to get them to cooperate, lol. I just try and have fun.

  3. I would suggest just letting them play and laying on the floor clicking away. (Bring new toys with you!)

  4. May I suggest that maybe you let her just do what she likes to do and take photos of that. Let her play with her favorite toy or walk around outside. I think it reflects more personality and creativity when the shots of children are not always still portraits.

  5. I forgot to mention that you did a great job anyways! Your photos turned out great! Her mommy is probably very pleased with them as I would be.

  6. They are all great! You get an award for just trying!

  7. I think they are great photos! When photographing my kids when they were little, I would have my husband stand behind me and act silly to get them to smile. And I found that if you didn't make them sit still, they didn't get frustrated as much! Let them run (or crawl) around just being themselves and you will get some good ones, I guarantee it!

  8. Looks to me like you did fine job! I am sure her mom will love them. She is a real cutie pie.

  9. I personally kind of play with them and let them interact with me a little first. Then I let them play and follow them around. I might lead them back to the spot I want them with a toy but I really try to catch their personality by letting them be them. It is tough though. With a one year old you have to be willing to change your plan mid way and sometimes several times through the session.

  10. They are really nice photographs. I find that I do my best shots allowing them to be them. Capture them in action. I like to do shoots at a park or outside. If you must do them indoors then I give them things to occupy them. Play with them. Hide and seek behind a chair. Anything that gets them comfortable and makes them smile.
    I have a photo site that is accessible by a link at the top of my autism page. Feel free to take a look. I will be sure to post some child photography pics for you to enjoy.

  11. I typed out this long comment about just "letting them do their thing, and getting them in action." Then I glanced at the comment above mine and erased it all since it looked like I just read what she wrote and regurgitated it :)

    But you did great!

  12. Toys and patience. But I think these turned out very cute! I agree, one year olds are HARD to photograph though. I did a one year old photo shoot this past weekend and had to work fast and just be patient and get what I could. There are lots of toys in my shots to keep him busy. ;-)

  13. I love to take them somewhere they can wander and then follow them around. When mine were little I started out with the portrait sessions that were all posed and fancy, but I found that I really enjoyed the photos that captured them more...their toys, their curiosity, their know, the whole package!

  14. No tips here, but... I love the black and white shot! That is so amazing.


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