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My Epic Fail Garden.

This hubby and I planted many seeds and seedlings in the God-forsaken sand pit we call, "our garden".

We had big dreams of fat orange pumpkins, crisp watermelons, and a crap load of cucumbers to pickle. Or something. (I've never pickled that was a stretch of our imaginations.)

Last year we had what we deemed a "successful" garden. By our standards, anyway, so, with a successful garden under our belts, we got cocky thinking that this year would be even better.

It's not.

Friends, meet my garden:

This is my garden on weed(s):

Any questions?

Geepers...between the pocket gophers, the dog trying her darndest to catch said pocket gophers, and the cut worms...we're left with a whole bunch of weeds that my husband can name 'cuz he's an agronomist and kills stuff like that for a living.

Oh...and our peppers and tomatoes survived.

We did something this weekend that some of you may scoff and guffaw and shake your heads at.

We replanted.

It's true. It's July...and we replanted.

But now? Now I've got cucumber and squash and watermelon plants all over (and a crap load of dying weeds...)...and the cut worms should be dead and gone.

That pesky gopher is still there tho.

Not quite sure what to do about him...'cuz I guess my ferocious beast of a dog can't figure out how to get him...but he sure likes digging up my garden trying to find him!

Dang dog. (Covered up my strawberry plants!!! Grrrrr...)

For sale: Dog, pocket gopher, and a bunch of "mulch" ("mulch" is the new "dying weeds".).


  1. You should see my garden....weed heaven! Although this year is the first I haven't had to plow the whole thing under!

  2. Awww, it's not THAT bad. I've seen worse!

    We have a good size garden every year but not by my hand. The husband handles that and I handle cooking the veggies.

    I have a total black thumb. I plant flowers like crazy every spring and by June most of them are dead. They don't make Nik proof flowers.

    At least you have tomatoes and peppers. : )


  3. You're one up on me - I wouldn't even attempt a garden!!

    The gopher hole looks awfully familiar though!

    Good luck w/ what you replanted!

  4. I always find that the store bought plants do much better than seedlings you grow yourself. But we live a bit farther south than you do so perhaps it has more to do with climate than the plants?

  5. I have the worst luck with plants, I have a brown thumb LOL. Yet each year I keep trying!

  6. I planted some strawberries in spring (you know in TX it is march) You probably still had snow and before you got your spring and planted that stuff my strawberries were dead .... I have black thmub

  7. I think it was right to cut your losses and replant. Hopefully this planting does better! I have a pretty black thumb, so I won't even attempt a veggie garden.

  8. I'm sorry about the dog and the gopher and the weeds. It looks like the replanting is working out though! Good luck on catching that dang gopher!!

  9. Your garden isn't that bad!
    We used to have the same problem with weeds, my hubby bought weedblock landscape fabric on clearance at the end of the summer last year to use this year.. & we have NO weeds this year around our veggies! :)

  10. Haha- this is my garden on weeds- that's funny. :)
    My garden is an epic fail, too!

  11. Oh dear...those pesky gophers. I like to run over them with my car when I see one on the road...shhhhh, don't tell.

    At least you are trying to have a nice garden. I have a "black" thumb when it comes to gardening.

  12. Manure, manure, manure is the help that your garden is going to have if you dig it in, in the fall, loads and loads of it. It will transform your sandpit into an eden. I am not joking, it is worth toiling at the soil, dig in your manure, next year you will be amazed.

    Have a great week. xxx

  13. Garden, nice to meet you, you are not so bad, you know ;)

  14. This is totally our garden too!
    Does your husband have any bug advice? Like, how do you get rid of Japanese beetles that CAME BACK a week after they left due to our spraying down the yard and getting those bag thingies?


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