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Okay...I'll admit it.

Sometimes, I can be a bit of a princess.

For instance...when I stay in hotels, I'll pay more if I know they are clean.

I'm in a hotel right now. And, it's not clean. And, I paid plenty.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might remember that I said I felt itchy (mysterious bug bites), and creepy crawly (for the record, I just killed a bug...ON MY SHEETS)'s musty and damp in here.

Someone else in our group has mentioned a bug sighting on their pillow.

I think I need a barf bag.

Some Clorox would be nice.

Perhaps, a quick dip in lye.

Oh...and did I mention there are POLICE officers roaming the halls? Like, bonafide, certifiable police dudes. With guns...just here for a precautionary, standard stroll to "keep people safe".

Er...I'm from the country. Police officers don't just pop in to "keep us safe".

I don't have bugs in my bed at home.

My house doesn't smell like musty wetness. I don't typically get wheezy at home for no good reason.

I'm told we're in a "bad area" and some "dude got shot just down the road".

*I want my mommy!*

Wait...she's coming tomorrow. To stay...HERE in this God forsaken hotel!!


In case I don't make it through the next couple of days...I love you all! I love you, and you, and you, and you Auntie Em...


  1. Where the blazes are you!?

  2. OH NO! What a nightmare :( I take it they don't have a concierge!?!?! I love hotels but probably because we are Starwood members and just like you I love everything nice and clean. Get your money back and quick. I hope it all works out!

  3. I hope you don't bring back those mysterious bugs to your home later... yikes! Take care!

    I'm a full-time mummy (7 Links Challenge!)

  4. I agree with I'm a full-time mummy, check your stuff before going in the house. We had a visitor for a weekend once and when she popped open her travel bag a roach ran out. I chased that sucker down because I know my place was roach free and know way I was gonna start housing them.

  5. WHAT ON EARTH!!!?? You need to get yourself out of there! Worth the extra drive for a better place to stay!! I would be hightailing it outta there 5 hours ago!!

  6. ughh, nasty hotels are the worst. Can yall switch where you are staying to a better part of town or is it all god-forsaken?

    this reminds me of the time we stayed in a bad hotel. our dog started barking in the middle of the night, and I noticed that a piece of plywood that was screwed to the wall was moving. some 'creature' was trying to push into our room... from the wall. DH had to push the nightstand up against the wall to secure the board. when we told the owner the next day, he just laughed. NEVER. AGAIN.

  7. Shoot, and we whined about having to wait 20 minutes for hot water for our showers in Chicago last week! Yikes! I'd sure be hunting for a new place to stay today.

  8. I stayed in a hotel like that once in Montgomery, Alabama. There were cops everywhere, no heat on the second floor and when we woke up in the morning we realized many cars - thankfully not ours had been broken into! That was an interesting trip to say the least!

  9. Yikes! i'm not sure I'd get much sleep there.

  10. Seriously, where are you? That sounds like hell...

  11. OMG that's horrible!!! Can you go to another hotel????

  12. Holy Ba-Jeez! Scarey! I'm horrified for YOU!!!! What Hotel are you at??? I would notify the front desk!

    I'm from the Country too.. Police DO NOT just roam around!!!

    I'm so sorry!

  13. At least there were no mirrors on the ceiling. Ha, ha! I won't go into details other then look for a hotel/motel while traveling before you run out of options. Funny thing was when we got up the next morning, about another 5 miles down the highway there was better hotels. If only we knew..back then there was not GPS and a cell phone was in a suitcase type thing.

    Good luck on your journey...memories are being made.

  14. OMG, that stinks! I would look into seeing if there was somewhere else you could go and get your money back! EWWW! Bed bugs so gross! I hope the rest of your trip goes better!

  15. Get your money back and get out of there!! No way!

  16. Oh my goodness, I hate seeing bugs in hotels!!! I once stayed in a (supposedly) nice hotel with some girlfriends of mine, and we found cockroaches in our bath towels--so awful!

    We got our money refunded--hope you can too!

    Stay safe!

  17. I spend at least an hour on Expedia before settling on a hotel to book. This even happens when we are doing something mundane, like visiting my Mom for a night and in need of a Holiday Inn.

    My husband teases me every. single. time. we travel, but my track record is perfect! The last time we had a yucky hotel was the one time I booked without the help of Google and Expedia.

  18. Oh yuck! I would be outta there in a second. Motel 8 sounds better than that place!

  19. OMG. I would not pay money to stay in a place with BUGS and POLICE?! I'm so sorry you have to experience this, it sounds horrible!

  20. Be VERY CAREFUL that yo udidn't bring bed bugs HOME WITH YOU because they are H-E-double hockey sticks to get rid of once you get an infestation and they can get in your suitcase and come home with you!! :( NO FUN


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