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Date of the Week! 7/18/10

Ahhhhhh...feels so good to be home!

And clean.

Had a great weekend, despite the crummy really was fun! Baseball, waterparks, birthday/graduation celebrations (Congrats, Treehorn!), family, storms...LOADS of fun!

I'm utterly exhausted now. I didn't really sleep much the past couple of subconscious kept me on hyper alert and I'd wake at the slightest noise, movement, creepy crawly feeling.

Usually, I'm the last to wake during our hotel hubby takes kid duty, and I catch a few zzzz's. This weekend, tho? I popped out of bed when the alarm went off at 7 am like a chipper, perky early bird (chipper being used loosely, since most of that night was spent dozing fitfully, waking only to glance at the clock in hopes it was 7 and I could start to rouse my family and get the heckneck outta that bed!! [Special thanks to Kate for the inventing "heckneck"...I LOVE it!]).

Today, I woke with a never ending stream of sneezes. Puffy eyes. Runny nose. Tight chest. I needed OUT bad...since my parents were also in our hotel, I sent a text to my dad: "You up? Wanna go to Caribou?" When what I really meant to say was: "PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE!!!! I'M DYING! SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS!!!!!!! SAVE ME! HELP ME! CALL 911 OR SOMETHING!!!!"

He replied: "Yup." And I bolted. In a stroke of luck, our babe had fallen asleep at supper the night before and was dressed (and stayed dry the whole 12 hours...), so I threw on some sweats and rushed two doors down to my parents. My dad rescued me...and we had a nice little breakfast chat over coffee and oatmeal at a Caribou on the edge of the ghetto.

And then I had to go back. My family was still back there. At that awful allergen laden/bug infested/dirty floored/mysteriously stained/stinky roomed/police patrolled hotel.

But anyway...enough about's time for our Date!! (Just, please, no hanky panky...I'm tired. I'll totally pull the headache card if you make me...)

This week's Date is:

Mom to four blessings. My life is a journey, a journey I try to enjoy rather it is having a premature baby or a husband who has deployed 6 times and will deploy again. I am a homeschooling mom. I have recently started sewing. I love my husband more than I ever thought possible. I love scrapbooking and card making but do not have time to do it often. I love to cook and make things like laundry soap and love to blog about them to help others learn the ropes of what I know. I love taking pictures of my children but have never learned to edit them so you see the real picture, dirty laundry and all.

Pam is a military wife...she writes daily updates to her soldier ("Letters to My Hero") to keep him posted on the goings on in their family! Stop on by and pay Pam a visit...and tell her Mama sent you!

See ya in the am...


  1. EEEEWWWWE for skeevy motels... I had to stay in Hotel de Nasty in Mobile Alabama once and I was so freaked out and tired the next day ...ugh Glad you made it home and I will be checking out this weeks date ...

  2. Haha this post made me laugh, there is nothing worse than a crummy hotel!! I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of the vacation though! :)

  3. hotels scare me because you never know what they will really look like until you are checked in. thanks for making me the date of the week.


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