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I hate to beat a dead horse...but, y'all made me like this.

All your talk of bedbugs, after our stay at Disgustingville, has turned me into a bedbug freakazoid. Just ask my entryway...where the luggage was unloaded, and where I determined NOT to let our stuff any farther into our home than there.

It's like our weekend threw up in there. Our entryway has become laundry central (even though I'm 99.9% certain there were no just. never. know.) and I have become creepy crawly.

I feel like this psych patient:

Now, if only I had some green Listerine...


  1. Wow... Are those leggo people?

    what a strange video. I really hope the listerine works for you!ha

  2. Bugs are nasty. No matter what or where they come from! There has been an oversupply of pincher bugs here in my minnesota neck of the words and they are grossing me out. I hate bugs!

  3. Whenever someone talks about lice my head itches for days. So I know how you feel!

  4. I once watched a Dr. Oz episode on bed bugs and I ran out and bought new pillows, pillow covers, mattress covers, started washing everything in the hottest water possible. I COMPLETELY understand. GA-ROSS!

  5. Boy, can she shake it!!? "...No, just bugs. Bugs on me & my son.." LOL!

  6. Ummmm....that was...different. LOL! I'm sorry that's how you feel! I hope you get some green listerine soon!!!

  7. Great now you have me itching. What a crazy video!

  8. Hi! Love your site... and OMG! This is hilarious ... lots of uncomfortable silences! I felt the same way last week when I found a spider in my house with FUR on it!!! If you get a chance, check out my blog at We talk about inspiring moms to hit their stride (that's where the momentum comes in) and provide some comic relief for moms who need to be reminded to put away the SuperMom cape!


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