Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Date time!

Hey friends! So...if you read this post, I'll just let you know that I'm still bushed.

Tuckered out.


Oh...and I have no photos to showcase our fun. I do think some exist on a random camera somewhere in this universe...I just don't have them in my possession. I promise, though, that should I come into possession of said photos, YOU will get to see them.

I think. (Oh, and I totally crossed my fingers when I gave you that promise above. Don't hate me.)

It's Date time!! I am in the process of making some big (fun!! great!! fabulous!!) changes to the for an email from me, if I can ever figure out an easy way to create a group mailing list in gmail. I'm convinced that there isn't an "easy way". (Feel free to fill me in if you are a gmail pro!)

Ladies and gentledudes...this week's Date of the Week is:

I'm a 25 year old married Arkansan and I blog about my life on the Circle T Ranch. My husband is a Rodeo Cowboy and makes his living driving around the south trying to win money at steer wrestling. I have two Chocolate Children (labs) two chickens, and lots of cows and horses. We live on the banks of the Saline River and life is fun and somewhat boring. I do a little Photography on the side and love to blog about it. I also have celiac disease and am Gluten Free For Life!!! I love to meet new people and blogging is my crack. Come on over and say Hi and I promise You won't be disappointed...ok maybe you'll be a little disappointed but just don't tell me about it!

Jenna has some sweet photog skillz...and she even got to vacation with Taylor Lautner! ;) She even has photos to show for it! *giggle*

Head on over to pay Jenna a visit...and tell her Mama sent you!


  1. Wow! I popped over to Jenna's Jargon and her blog is awesome! Great choice for this week's date! Thanks for sharing! I hope you get some rest soon.

  2. Thanks Mama M!! Me and Taylor go way back...we vaca together often! Glad to be date of the week! Yay!

  3. you can create groups in your gmail contact list and then email to everyone within the group. You will have to take the time to put everyone into the group, but after that its 1 hit and off to everyone! :)


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