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Note To Self:

Dearest Bonehead Mama:

The next time

You see an orange crayon

Fall into the depths of the washing machine

And underneath the agitator

Try harder to get it out.


That's all. Carry on.

All my best,
You (me?)


  1. WOW. Ok you made me feel better. I got the wrath of the wife this weekend for f-ing up the laundry. Not checking for stains before drying, mixing white (mine &old) with darks. Yeah. But yours is worse, thanks for the pick me up. At least orange is a nice color

  2. I did that with a red crayon that dh had in his pants which he uses at work for plumbing mumbo jumbo stuff. I also dried it. Not a fun day in my house.

  3. wow that really sucks... That happened to one of my favorite white shirts...but it was a moth that made the brown spots.. gross. It flew in the back door and I guess straight into the load of whites.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh, my... been there done that!

  6. Oh, that sucks. Also? Trident gum is a b!@ch to get off your dryer's drum.

  7. Oh that sucks! And you ruined your blogfrog shirt.... Ahhhh!

  8. Ours was a blue crayon...I have been there!

  9. Oh, man... Hubby once forgot to remove a pen from the pocket of some of his work pants. It ruined the entire load, but I secretly think it was a ploy for him to get new clothes...

  10. Purple crayon on my daughters all white bedding....I was sick...completely sick when I pulled it out and saw it...but I have noticed that the more it is washed, the more it comes out. And someone said something about ironing on a paper towel where the areas are and it will take it off??? Not sure how true that is, I'm not about to iron her sheets...or I'd try it out.

  11. Green the dryer...enough said :)

  12. Oh no...if it makes you feel any better (probably not) my friend washed a Sharpie in her scrubs once...let's just say, she ruined a whole load of clothes.

  13. Same here- but with purple...and different clothing.

  14. i've had that happen soo many times! i feel ya hun! but i can never find the stinkin things when i try and hunt it down haha

  15. I have had that happen. Not fun!!!
    I also hate it when family members forget about gum in their pockets.

  16. Oh dear! I'm afraid thats all I have ... lol

  17. I've done this accidentally for the family I used to nanny for! Use mule team borax to get it out!! You can find it where you buy your normal detergents! It's in a green box! It works like magic!



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