Monday, July 12, 2010


Edited to add: Oops...I'm a coupla days late...I missed the linky! Oh's a cool photo anywhoodles!

Time for a little RAW(e) action, with Sami!

This Last week's theme is was: Flowers...and I've got gobs of flower photos. I love taking pictures of flowers. They don't move, you don't have to do goofy things to make them smile, they don't move, they don't have messy faces, and THEY DON'T MOVE!!

It's amazing.

My photo is one I took of my Gram's rosebush. Not only is my Gram an amazing cook...but she always has the prettiest flowers...

Oh, look! And a bee butt to boot!! ;)


  1. I used to make fun at my grandfather for always sending us pictures of flowers...sometimes out of focus and never with people in the shots..just picture upon picture of his flowers. Now that I am older and grow my own roses I catch myself posting picture after picture of my roses...

  2. Great photo. Why don't I have such vibrant flowers in my yard? Oh, that's right. I kill flowers. Sigh. Love the picture

  3. HAHA! I didn't even notice the bee butt! Great photo...beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I especially love the bee butt! LOL!


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