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Par for the course...

Wouldn't you know it.

We haven't taken a family vacation in...oh...about 8 years. The last time we went, the Belle was just a wee one, not sleeping through the night...we tent camped, it rained, and I was crabby.

It was a great trip. *dripping with sarcasm*

So...wanting to repeat such a glorious (*coughyeahrightcough*) experience...times 5, since we've added more children since the last trip...we thought we'd do it again this year.

And...we thought the Black Hills of South Dakota: Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Bear Country, Reptile Gardens, etc., etc., would be the perfect vacation destination for our family.

We chose our date...we started spreading the word that "Yup! The Wonderful's are goin' on a road trip!"...we started researching campgrounds to park our little pop-up at. We discovered a place called "Rushmore Shadows" (and, by discovered, I mean that it's the first one that pops up multiple times when searching for campgrounds near Mt. Rushmore...) and I composed a lovely little email to the folks at Rushmore Shores, inquiring about whether or not they'd have room for this weird little family.

I received a very kind, prompt email back.

An email that disclosed something I was not aware of.

An email that informed me that the one weekend we had chosen out of all the weekends we could have...was the weekend of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

For real. Let's do some math.

There are approximately 12ish weekends available to choose from during the summer. Add to that the 12ish weekends for the last 8 years that we haven't traveled...and we're looking at Powerball odds here folks.

I think I need to buy myself a lottery ticket.

We've decided it's now or never. I'm a little afraid of the things we may see along the way (naked chap wearing, anyone?)...but it'll be a great opportunity for "what don't we do, kids?" education.

Wish us luck.

I'm afraid I won't be the same person I was when I left...heck, I just may return wearing chaps, a do-rag, and a beard.

You just never know...


  1. What great timing you have! :D

  2. The one time we decided to do a family reunion, we discovered it was the Redwood Run (Harleys, motorcycles, etc) and they were riding along the same roads we were to get from Seattle to California. It was kinda interesting...

  3. HAHAHA...I'm sure you will have a great time and I bet some REALLY great stories to bring back!! :)

  4. We always wind up going on vacation or having major family events when some type of convention or gathering is going on for some completely random group. We've got lots of pictures of our "family" on vacations. We love to show them to people and have them try to figure out how the heck we are related!

  5. I just about died laughing when I read this. Have fun! :)

  6. Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it. My hubby is going to "Little Stergis" in KY. Can't wait to hear all about THAT either... well, maybe I can. (We're going to be buying a camper very soon & we are all very excited!!)

  7. LOL!!! Well from your 5QF vlog last week I think you will fit right in with the bikers! LOL!!!! Good luck on with your vacation! I hope you all make it out alive!!

  8. OOh! Have fun! And you might need some earplugs...

  9. well, atleast your boys will be entertained by all of the big motorcycles :) just cover their eyes when a woman walks by with chaps on... and nothing under them... eeek!


    Sounds like it should be a blast!

    On a further note, we just returned from Mt Rushmore two weeks ago. We had fun too.
    (**cough**yah right**cough**)

    There's a LOT of really neat things to do there though. I'd recommend leaning more towards Hill City because Keystone will be a huge nightmare tourist trap. We also really enjoyed our campground. TONS of kid friendly things to do.

    Take care!

  11. I am surprised you even found a place to camp with the Rally. Consider yourself lucky!! I live in SD and have been to the bike rally a few times. I don't think you will have to worry too much about the women unless you get right into Sturgis. Your boys would have fun just driving through though! Looking at all the bikes, not women!!!!! Aaahh, that came out wrong!
    Totally agree with Dee as well--Keystone is always packed and Hill City is just as good. Are you going to hit Hot Springs? They have an awesome waterpark.

  12. It's all good for the blog...

  13. hey there, new follower here. i found your blog through a blog of a blog, if that makes sense...haha! can't wait to read more.

  14. OMG, that is quite the week to pick, maybe you really ought to go get a lottery ticket LOL. I just hope you guys will be able to sleep, those bikes are loud!! Hope you guys have a great trip!

  15. No motorcycle rally going on here that weekend.

    Just sayin'.

  16. I spent a summer in South Dakota and drove thru Sturgis on the eve of the rally (not for the motorcycles, it was just on the way from point A to point B). Aside from packed accommodations(and lots of "hogs" on the highways, is that what they're called?), I doubt it will affect your family fun as you'll be farther south. Have a great vacation!!!

  17. haha it could be funny!!!!!!! i can't wait to see pics :)

  18. Soo can't wait to see pics! I love Sturgis! It's insane!lol

  19. You know, I used to work in bars on 6th street in Austin (famous bar/club area) and they have an annual bike rally. I will say that it was my favorite time to be working. Bikers are some of the nicest, most polite, best tipping, non-drama people I ever met! I think y'all will have a blast!


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