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Last weekend, we took a bit of a road trip to catch a movie.

AT A DRIVE-IN!! Let me rephrase 1 of only 5 drive-in theaters left in MinneSOOOta!

I was a drive-in virgin. Er...yikes. That came out sounding totally wrong. What I mean is, I had never ever been to a drive-in before!

It was awesome. The Long Prairie Drive-In is exactly what I thought a drive-in would be like...vintage speakers playing 50's music (at least I think it was 50's music...) before the start of the movie,

an old time snack bar replete with everything from popcorn (duh!) to root beer floats,

and, of course...the screen. It was enormous!

There are little hills that you pull your car up onto so that you are angled toward the screen...a huge area in front of the screen where kiddos can run before the movie starts, and friendly patrons who will let your 2 year old play with their kiddo's baby stroller.

It was awesome.

And now...I think I'm going to become a drive-in junkie.

Oh...and PS...we saw Toy Story 3...AWESOME movie!!!


  1. The Long Prairie Drive In is a great one! We have been there a few times but driving two hours home that late is difficult. Warren's Drive Inn (MN) is a nice one too, we saw Wall-E there.

    As a kid I went the Drive In here in Perham many many times; saw Footloose when it was first released!

  2. We have a drive in about fifteen minutes from our house, and we love it. Like, love it. We saw toy story there too and it is really good, huh? :)

  3. Drive-in's are so much fun...we used to have a local one and I saw many movies there! Sadly, I think there may only be one left in NC. Definitely one of those things being edged out by over priced, although they are nice, movie theaters. Definitely take advantage of it while you have it available!

  4. Where I grew up/where my parent's still live there is a drive-in. I haven't been in about 5 years to watch a movie but it's pretty neat to drive-by and see current movies on the screen :)

    There's also an old theater in their downtown that's recently been converted to a modern movie theater showing new movies, they only have two screens and serve beer and wine. Very quaint.

  5. How fun! I've still never been to one! I think there's only 1 in the area at all, and it's still a good hour or so away.

  6. I would give anything to take my kids to a drive in movie theatre.

  7. We go to the drive-in all the time. (I'm in San Diego) It's so much cheaper. Ours is a double feature for $8 an adult. That's only $4 a movie per person. Plus, you can save money on snacks by bringing your own. I remember those old speakers you hook to your window. We don't have those anymore. Now, they have their own radio station you tune to. We saw Toy Story 3 with The Last Airbender. And last weekend we saw Salt with Grown Ups.

  8. So fun! I went to a drive-in when I was in northern Cali about 7 years ago. It was so very cool. There's a park near us that does outdoor movies. I've been wanting to take the kids. Love all the old-school nostalgic good clean fun type things! ;-)

  9. Woo Hoo! how fun! we haven't been there in a couple of years, but I love it!

    we went to the boring old theater in town last night to see Toy Story 3, I'm guessing your feet didn't stick to the floor like ours did...

    Never see you anymore now that baseball/soccer/softball/tennis are over, guess I just have to start reading your blog more, lol!

    take care!

  10. Glad you finally did it. Um, I mean went to the Drive-in. {ahem}

    We used to go as kids, but we've never taken our kids. I think seeing Toy Story 3 at the Drive-in would be very exciting! We were going to see it in the theatre, but that would be way more fun.

  11. So cool! I haven't been to a drive-in in ages! That's too far for us, but I think there might be one around these parts somewhere.

    We still have yet to see Toy Story 3...sounds like a good choice!

  12. I saw Toy Story 3 at the Drive In this past weekend too!!! It was great fun.

  13. I sure wish we had one around here. Minnesota is my next door neighbor but still a bit far to drive for a movie.

  14. We love love love the Drive-In we have one about 20 minutes from our house in good old Monticello Indiana! It is great! Just as you described and its a summer family tradition at our house! We actually went to see Toy Story 3 in the theater and my 2 year old thought going to see a movie yay i get to take my own chair!! lol.. to funny.. Glad you enjoyed and glad your not a drive in virgin anymore!

  15. How fun! I wish the drive in near us was as nice as yours! There aren't really an nice ones here unfortunatly! Otherwise we would go all the time!

  16. I LOVE the drive in! I haven't been in ages though.

  17. Ooooooooh! I have always wanted to go to one of those!

  18. How fun!!! We used to go to drive-in movie theaters when I was little, and I always thought it was just the best thing in the entire world.

    The drive-in we used to go to has since shut down, and I don't even know where the next closest one is. Guess I won't be going to one any time soon.

    So glad you got to experience one of these little treasures :)

    The Chic College Cowgirl


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