Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend ReCap...

Well, this weekend was about as busy a weekend as we've had in a while! We're kinda homebodies, so we don't get out much, but this weekend we did!

Our local Boy's and Girl's Club held a fundraiser on Friday night...we attended it last year and had a BLAST, and this year was no exception (tho' a bit more mellow...)! Lot's of dancing, sampling food from local restaurants, wine tasting, and some boogyin'!

Good times with the in-laws...

Yeah, I did drag the Mr. out on the dance floor a few times...I dunno what it is, but you get a few Mike's Lemonades in me, and I feel the need to serenade him songs like "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" while slow dancing. Poor guy.

Once, upon returning to our table from the dance floor, our fellow tablemates got real quiet. I thought it was a little strange, but a few more drinks for my BIL, and he was singin' like a canary! "*hee hee* Did you see any pictures on your camera?! *hee hee*"

So, I flipped through a few and WHOA!!

Barenaked BIL butt. Ewwwwwww. So, of course, I HAD to put it on my blog. Well, kinda:


Then, Saturday, E.W celebrated his half birthday.

No, we don't make it a habit of celebrating half birthdays, but we DO let them start having kid parties in 1st grade, and since his birthday falls at a crazy, busy time of the year, we missed the opportunity to have his party around his actual birthday, and so I promised him a 1/2 Birthday Party.

What was I thinking? Ugh. Boys are crazy when they get together. And I thought Belle's pool party was bad?! GAH! That was a cake walk compared to these little hooligans!

After the party, we got to work on something I've been thinking about doing for awhile...and while we were at aforementioned fundraiser, we asked if we could buy something.

Something a little strange, and we got funny looks...but, well, we asked if we could buy some of the decorations. (Weird, I know.) Yeah, we asked if we could have the straw bales that they used for decorations and so, on Saturday, we picked up the 10 bales waiting for us and are going to try our hand at straw bale gardening this year!

Wish us luck. My hubby is an agronomist, and so is dreaming up all sorts of concoctions with which to fertilize our bales. (I'm kind of afraid they're going to disintegrate with what he's telling me he's going to put on them!)

Rest assured, I'll keep you posted on how our garden grows!

Then, the pinnacle of the weekend, was our girl's very first piano recital! Which deserves a post all it's own!!


  1. Can you believe we are having a hard time finding hay bales here. Now if I wanted pine straw it is everywhere. Our garden looks good but would love to have straw barrels

  2. Love all the photos except those including your BIL. Sounds like a rich weekend, and perhaps it was just what you needed?


  3. Nice to find your Blog (I signed on to Follow). Found you thru Keli.
    Great photos - the kind that make me smile.
    Looks like fun!

    Come see me sometime and say Hello.
    ~Sweet Tea


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