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Guess who's back?

This dirty little devil, who made me lose sleep last year, is at it again:

Peck, peck, pecking on the metal gutters RIGHT OUTSIDE THE HEAD OF OUR BED!

And, at 5am, nonetheless.

This means war. *rips sleeve off, ties it around head, smears dirt on face, hides in bushes*

Watch yer back lil' wooderpecker dude. I'm out for blood...

(In other news...this reminds me of a little jingle my baby bros were taught by a family friend:
"Woodpecker pecked on a school house door,
He pecked and he pecked 'til his pecker was sore.
Woodpecker pecked on a school house bell,
He pecked and he pecked 'til his pecker was well!"
Ha! Go teach that one to your kids. Okay, maybe don't.)


  1. Haha...I'm laughing!!! Too cute! I love it! My favorite line was yours at the end! LOL

    We have a woodpecker that comes out from time to time and pecks on our siding. He's in the same place every time!

  2. HA! At least I'm not the ONLY one with animal issues.

  3. Do you remember the Friends episode when Phoebe's cop boyfriend wanted to (or did) shoot an early morning bird?

    We have a few who like to play in our gutters like it's their wading pool, but thankfully no woodpeckers! (And no fun poems...)

  4. You may want to check out a scene in Failure to Launch...just saying. LOL

  5. Oh Lord! That reminds me of "I Love Sweet Pussy'. The dirtiest nursery rhyme EVER!

  6. Woodpeckers annoy the living daylights out of me! We have one that appears every spring and he sounds like a jackhammer in the tree closest to our house! I feel your pain.

  7. too funny, I love it. now I want to google ways to keep him away

  8. We have the same problem! A family of cardinals like to fight with their reflections on our bathroom windows! Starts early and goes on all day long!

    ~JamieS@ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


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