Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why I love being a mother.

It's being able to have conversations like this:

Hambone: "Mama? How come dragons like to eat fish?"

Me: "Because they're fishatarians."

Hambone: "Ooooooh, okay!"

And totally be taken seriously.

Motherhood: It's all about makin' stuff up.


  1. Fishatarians! Good one Mama M.

  2. I love it! I wish my kids believed me that oldest would ask a million more questions to verify, and he is only 3!

  3. I definitely do a lot of making stuff up! Cute

  4. LOL - Love it - if only communication with adults was so easy

  5. Being a momma is so much fun. Cuz Momma's know everything!!

  6. Hi Mama M! I'm a new commentor. WOuld like to follow your 5QF link up one day.

    Fishatarians...hmmm...might try that on my kids one day!

  7. That's a great answer.. I love it how the kids take your answers so serious and they expect you to have answers for everything.

  8. Ha! I was wondering the same thing when I was watching how to train your dragon last night! Thanks for answeing my question now too!


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