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So, Where DOES Calfie Sleep?

Our sweet baby girl is growing up.

Just look:

Oh, did you think I meant this Baby Girl?!

Anyway...someone mentioned wanting to see where Teya (thank you, Amber, for the wonderful suggestion! My hubby loved it IMMEDIATELY when I told him!) slept, so, I thought I'd show you:

Yeah, I AM totally serious, why do you ask?

Okay, so I'm not. I lied.

She does not (as much as my kids would enjoy it) sleep in our house...actually, a few years ago, The Pal was offered a lucrative deal (ag lesson forthcoming...), you see, when a cow has twins and they are male/female twins (you know, vs. male/male or female/female), the female cow is (the majority of the time) infertile. They call her a "free-martin".

Well, the Mr. had brought the Pal along with him to work one day and they visited a dairy farm. Turns out a mama had just given birth to a set of male/female twins, and, if you know anything about mammals, a female has to have a baby to make milk.

And, if you know anything about dairy farms, their business is milk making (I know, I agriculture knowledge astounds you...). So, an infertile cow in a dairy business equals what? Not much.

So, this farmer gave the Pal this calf to raise...and raise it he did! The Mr. built a pen for the cow in wood shed that we have on our property, and he raised her up 'til she was nice and fat (kinda) then sold her to be "fed out" (i.e. fattened up before she headed to the butcher. Cruel, I know.).

Whoa...that was a serious digression...BUT, what that was all meant to tell you was that we were all set up to take in another calf!'s where Teya really sleeps:

Yeah, it's not the Hilton...but it keeps her warm and dry and contained and safe. Plus, she gets twice daily room service, which means she's pretty much living my dream life.

'Course, I don't drink out of a gigantic bottle or poop in my bed, but hey, who's keeping track?!

The pampered darling is a feisty little bugger! I was minding my own business, snapping photos, when she meandered over to me and I thought, "Awww, cute little thing wants some maternal love!"

Then she head butted me in the groin and sent me running for my mommy.

The kids are LOVING her. Our Hambone made a silly noise and started running and the next thing we knew, she was chasing him across the yard, and the dog was chasing them both! Kinda like "A Fly Went By"...right?!

E. Dub got a kick out of letting her suck on his fingers...then flung her foamy, stringy, mouth slime all over and tried to tell me how "cool it was" to have her slime you. Er, no thanks, son.

Baby Girl had to try it too, and I wish I had her reaction on film! Little girly shriek, followed by lot's of giggles and running away to rinse her hand off!

After all the fun, it was bedtime for Teya. I read her a book, sang her a song, kissed her fuzzy red head, and tucked her in.

Then she head butted me in the groin and pooped on the book.

Apparently cows have a different bedtime routine.


  1. She is just adorable!!! I wanna come play with her!

  2. This made me laugh so hard. Oh bottle babies are just the BEST! Your kids will enjoy this so much. Looks like they're already making great memories! Enjoy her, head-butts, poop, and all :)

  3. You are too funny!!! And Teya is just precious! I had no idea about the infertile female twin thing with cows. Good to know - we'd like to have a cow or two out here one day, but I definitely don't want to have to milk her twice a day! Infertile cows are right up my alley! :o)

  4. I didn't know you had a cow! (NO pun intended. lol) She is a cutie! So are you guys raising her to sell or will she be a permanent resident?
    I wish I lived on agricultural property. We live on a dirt road in the woods, but it's zoned residential.

  5. Cute little cow she is ...can't believe she can't stay inside

  6. LOL, this is so cute:) I did cringe at the cow drool though...ewwwwwwww. Very sweet bedtime routine;)

  7. LOVE HER. But, not the groin situation or the pooping in inappropriate places. I have enough of that over here with my 14 month old. ;)

  8. a few years ago, I was bottle feeding a friends calves while they were out of town. I took a friends teen with me. as soon as they were done i said okay now it is time to burp them. i proceeded to have them let the cows suck on there fingers. so funny, i do not know how many minutes they sat there waiting on them to burp

  9. I'm so glad your hubby liked the name. I think it suits her perfectly. :)
    She is too cute!! :)

  10. This was by far the most entertaining thing I've read in days! What an experience for the kids!


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