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Sleep's the first (and most persistent) malady of motherhood. It makes you crabby, it makes you fat, it makes you sick.

Yesterday, I was functioning on approximately 2ish hours of sleep, with some fragmented sleep here and there after that. I was full on lacking any sort of coping skills, and so, I put myself to bed early.

Only, the Mr. was working late, so that meant I was still at the justice of my children. My children whom seem to be Energizer Bunnies and just keep going and going and going. On our way home from the Pal's baseball game, Baby Girl fell asleep. It was bedtime anyway, so I thought "BONUS!! No Baby to put to sleep, just the big kids!"


Oh, so wrong.

She woke up when I was changing her...and what happens when a 3 year old gets a cat nap? Can you say "Hello second wind!!!"

Ugh. There is not enough caffeine in the world to help with this sort of fatigue.

Sleep deprivation. It may look like I'm awake, but I'm, please don't ask me to solve the world's problems...on a good day, maybe...but not today.


  1. Cat naps are the worst! If I see my daughter falling asleep in the car when we're close to home I will do everything in my power to keep her awake because if she even sleeps for 5 minutes it's all downhill! Why don't cat naps work like that for me?

  2. I am right there with ya girl! I dont know what is up with my little one but the past two nights she has been up about every 2-3 hrs?? WTH? She is two not a newborn LOL.. with me being preggo andhaving to get up to go to the bathroom a million times a night makes for a terrible horrible no good very bad day ;) Hope you get a nap or some good rest tonight girlie!


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