Friday, August 6, 2010

A quick glance...

We are enjoying our vacation so far...sans the puking in the car, the bazillion and a half years to get here, and the fact that my immune system seems to hate South Dakota...but other than that, it's be GREAT!!

Just a quick little snippet of snapshots. (Courtesy of my iPhone!)

Amber waves of grain...

The Missouri River:

Descending upon Rapid City, South Dakota...which reminded us both, the Mr. and me, of Duluth, MN. One of our favorite cities!

And then there was Bear Country, which was kinda cool, but not really worth the 50 some bucks it cost for us to drive through a "high end" zoo. (Wait...can zoos be high end?!)

We were able to see the feeding frenzy for the was strange seeing all these bears rambling toward us to the feed truck. Pretty neat...worth 50 bucks tho? Not so much.

Well, my friends...I need to rest my weary eyes. More photos forth coming! We went to Rushmore and Cosmos today...and the sky over Mt. Rushmore was a breathtaking blue...perfect for photos!!

Cosmos was TOTALLY fascinating! A little nausea inducing, but fascinating nonetheless! And, I think I've got some pretty wicked photos of that! So strange...but, in any head. NOW!

Night friends!

(Oh, and PS...remember that 5QF is open until any of you "stragglers" can still get your posts in, if you'd like!)


  1. Wowzer - $50? I didn't realize there was a high end zoo!

    Of course with our family it seems everything cost at least that to get in with so many people. They really should make things so it's not so expensive!

  2. Unless those bears were wearing tutus and walking a high wire, I'm not sure I'd have gone for the $50! So jealous, however, of Rushmore! I've always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore in person. Someday!


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