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Maybe I DO have it in me...

To be somewhat, sort of, slightly organized?

Ya think?

The day before our trip, I spent half my life laminating stuff. You see, I found this awesome site...wait, that's a lie...a reader pointed me to this awesome site called and I am in love.

She has all sorts of games and stuff ("and stuff"...literary excellence at it's finest) for traveling with children! I printed off some of her things...

Then proceeded to tape them to card stock ('cuz I'm blond and didn't think to actually print it on card stock until after everything was printed and I didn't want to do it all over again. Call me lazy. Or blond. Either works...) and laminate them.

Have you ever laminated? It is awesome. Satisfying. Amazingly therapeutic.

I think I am going to start laminating everything I can get my hands on. (Watch out, honey!)

Stay tuned for a "traveling long distances with small children" post! I'll fill you in on what I learned!


  1. ohhh I used to looovee to laminate thing! I was a cool kid and worked in teh library one semester (real cool huh?!) and would get so excited when she would ask me to laminate and cut it out.. yes I am a goober!

    Cant wait to see what kind of tricks you found for long trips in the car!

  2. You've got great tips here! I'm not a mom, but will definitely keep these tips in mind if it happens one day. =)Brandi a.k.a. 2inspired

  3. I love to laminate stuff...but I was an Elementary Ed major! I finally convinced them to buy one for the office...we never use it for work stuff...but I've used it tons!!!! It's quite addicting!!! Just don't laminate your children...although, maybe that would keep them cleaner! HAHA!

  4. woohoo i love laminating, but its pricey isn't it?
    we bought car bingo from kidsnips a few years ago and I love whipping those out when the kids get antsy in the car. otherwise my go to is 20 questions or I spy.
    they are typically whine stoppers.

  5. Glad to hear momsminivan worked for you. My sister just bought her own personal laminator. I think she is indeed addicted to it. They're fun and oh the smell of the heat on the plastic laminate...okay, so maybe I'm a little weird. Probably should've deleted that last part! -EW

  6. I love that site! I printed lots of stuff from there this summer. But, you certainly one upped me with the laminating. Cause it is satisfying!


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