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Dear Hambone...

5 years ago today, you came rip-roaring into this world.

Sparing your mama a few weeks of pregnancy, and providing her with an incredibly wonderful delivery, you made us parents for the 4th time.

You are a wise old soul, silly by nature, goofy and definitely your own could give a rat's behind what people think about you. most definitely act the baby brother part! Easy to shed a tear (or ten) I often hear, "Mama, Belle's bein' mean to me!" or "Mama! E.W. hurt me!"

You enjoy catching toads with your big brother, you'd prefer if we just let you wear your rain boots, and if we let you, you'd run around in your unders all day long!

Dragons, dinosaurs, and playing war fill your days...and you didn't earn the title of "MovieHead" for no good reason! Along with those'd just as soon we leave you alone and let you watch movie after movie all day. Don't worry...we make you shut it off!

Your fun loving spirit is infectious, and you are a fabulous big brother to your baby sister. I often wonder what it will be like having the two of you left at home...I get the sense that you will be a protector of your sister.

That, or you will torment her to death!

We love you Hambone. You are a wonderful make us proud, you make us laugh, and you fill our lives with joy.

Happy Birthday buddy! We love you so, so, so, so much!!


  1. What a handsome birthday boy you have there! Happy 5th Birthday E.W.!

  2. Happy Birthday Hambone!! You are one sweet precious boy!

    Mama.. your pics are wonderful. They always have the best lighting and are so clear! Awesome

  3. Happy happy birthday!! Today is also a birthday in my house.
    11 years ago, I became a mom of a daughter, a gorgeous, lovely, daughter.

    A very special day indeed!

  4. Aww your son is so cute! Happy Birthday Hambone!

  5. Happy b-day, Hambone! What wonderful pictures, too.

  6. happy birthday little man, he sounds like my middle guy with the movies and undies LOL

  7. Happy birthday to the little guy. He is so adorable. Those eyes.....

  8. That is so sweet! What adorable pictures too! Happy Birthday to your little Hambone!

  9. What a wonderful letter for Hambone to treasure when he's too old to remember being 5! You're an awesome mom for taking the time to tell him how special he is and how much you love him. Happy Birthday, Hambone! -Eastlyn

  10. Cute pics....Happy Birthday to your son

  11. I hope he had a wonderful birthday! What a cutie!


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