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I'm fairly certain, that I've established that our Baby Girl, is quite the handful. Stubborn, strong willed, spunky, and, strangely mature for her age.

If you can refer to a two year old who throws temper tantrums "mature".

Where my older children had to be forced to start wiping their butts...she insists to "do it myself". I honestly don't recall my older kiddos pulling the "do it myself" card with me.


With her? It's daily. Into the car seat..."I do it myself"...out of the carseat..."I do it myself"...into the high chair..."I do it myself"...etc. You get the picture.

Well, just last week we were getting into the car after getting groceries, I had unlocked the doors, and, as is my habit, I thought I plopped them on the passenger seat. While my "do it myselfer" was "doing it herself" (i.e. climbing into her carseat), I was loading groceries into the back.

I buckled her in, went around to the drivers seat...and reached over for my keys. So, I checked my keys. I checked and checked and checked my purse...asking my kids "Have you seen the keys?".

After a couple minutes of baby pipes up, "Dey're right der!" Pointing toward the front of the car. I followed her gaze...right. to. the. ignition.

And, there were my keys. Perfectly placed in the ignition.

It was at this point that I called out "LORD HELP ME, JESUS!!"...and I and my kids burst out into giggles. Especially after seeing the impish pride on my baby's face. The sparkle in her eye.

For real. WHAT am I going to do with this kid?

Note to self: Do not leave keys on seat ANYMORE!


  1. OH MY! Wow...Yes...this post made me realize I need to pray.even.more that Clara Grace does not stay as independent as she has been as a baby. :) Too cute...

  2. Wow! That is one of those freak out, heart in chest moments!

  3. LOL! Bahahahahaha!!! That is so funny. I love her!

  4. LOL - Keegan has a bit of an independent streak as well but he never went that far. Bless your heart, girl!

  5. What a smart little gal...I'm glad she didn't drive off! (:>)

  6. she was just doing it herself! :)

  7. My 19 month old will sit on my lap while i get the A/C going and turn on the windshield wipers and turn signals and turn the steering wheel. It's amazing how quickly they learn it all...

  8. What a cutie!!! :)
    I have to say that I understand a little as my 20 month old is independent, too. :)

  9. So funny... and scary. Many blessings!

  10. That's great! I think she my daughter all over again. The car seat was BY FAR the worst! Good luck, & glad she found your keys.

  11. My daughter turned 2 in May and we are SO in that same stage...the "MINE"...scream, whine,tattle, scream..."I do it MYSELF" stage. Thanks for the reminder to keep my keys with me because I could totally see this happening to me. Stinker! Praying for you as we go through this stage together.

  12. This baby girl is something else. I love that photo of her! And I have to tell you honestly that this is why I appreciate that other people have girls (not me!)

  13. What is it about these girls of ours? #5 of the bunch, the baby, the hardest will of the bunch, independent, stubborn. She decides what she will wear each day, I have 2 that still dont care, whatever is laying on the floor. She'd rather go to the dump in a tiara and ride dad's 4 wheeler with dadda than go shopping with me anyday, aghhhhh! She will be the cause of all my wrinkles, gray hair and all! But gotta love 'em!


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