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Where do I begin?!

The past few weeks have been a blur of memories being created.

From our family trip to the Black Hills:

To our family reunion weekend:

From my BIL's wedding:

To Hambone's birthday party on Sunday:

It just hasn't stopped. looks like chaos and craziness will just keep coming. Our roof remains unfixed:

We've got bids coming in, and it makes me sick to think that we're going to have to shell out close to 4 grand to fix the "unbroken" side of our roof.

The Mr. is leaving the country for a few days, which means I'll likely need a lot of chocolate, a good book, and perhaps a glass of wine or two to get me through the short time he'll be gone.

Add to that the fact that my oldest is starting high school in a couple of weeks...and you'll probably understand why I'm on the verge of tears lately.

I'm really trying hard not to just isn't worth it...but, in all honesty, I am. I'm stressing about the finances, about having to be the responsible one when the renovation takes place next week, about making sure everyone is ready for school, about how I am so uncertain about treading these high school waters, that I really wish I had some kind of mentor.

My heart is heavy, also, knowing that we're reaching our final years "with" The Pal. In four short years, he'll be leaving us to become an adult. To go to college. To fall in love.

And I'm so not ready for that.

Four years seems so far away, but it goes so fast.

I need to stop now. I'm crying...


  1. Awww! I can only imagine how you feel! ( no kids yet ) but reading your post my heart became heavy too. Praying for peace! You got this Mama M! :)

  2. That's a lot all at once! The start of school always leaves me teary...they grow so fast it's a blur.

  3. It always seems to be feast or famine, doesn't it?

    And I get the same way thinking about my oldest who is 9. I am "1/2 way done with him!" Where is the rewind button?

  4. I am do right there with you! A#1 starts his freshman year on Monday. This will also be his first day of "real" school, as my home schooled children refer to it as!!

    I really don't know how I'll handle Monday. I'm scared, happy, thrilled for him, sad for me. My time with him is almost over. 4 years left, just 4! How can that be! Have I taught him everything he needs to know, is he a leader, poliet, kind, carefull, respectful? Does he know his Saviour! Is he growing in his walk with the Lord? Will we be successful in high school to better his options come college time?

    Have I done my job as his mom? Is he prepared?
    Ready or not, here it comes.

    I'll be crying with you!

  5. I'm sorry. It's so hard to have them go off to school. It makes a mom sad, but very proud at the same time :)

    Good luck on getting your roof fixed, ouch!

    Chocolate will fix anything!

  6. You've had a lot lately! Hopefully, you'll be able to settle into a routine and enjoy a little "normalcy" for a while.

    I know what you mean about high school. My HS adventure starts next year - I too could really use a mentor.

    Fortunately, we call all look to God as He will provide. Good luck!

  7. The more you think about it the faster it will go by and the more it will bother you. Just think about all the cool stuff he will get to do in HS. I loved HS and if he loves it, and you help him love it, you both will remember the great times. And you dont want him knowing that you were crying over himat school do you?

    Pu a lifetime movie on

  8. I went through the high school anxiety last year with my son. It turned out that I LOVED him being in high school and now I cant wait until my 8th grader is done middle school. I guess I just hate middle school that much.

  9. You have a lot on your plate in the next few weeks- I'll be praying for you!

  10. I have a new high schooler's weird and sad to me...I don't think I like it, except that this is the first year I didn't have to buy Kleenex as part of his school supply list! :)

  11. Ahhh now I know why there were mo tissues on the list!
    They're big boys now!

    We'll get through this together, tissues, tears and chocolate!

  12. Ahhh now I know why there were mo tissues on the list!
    They're big boys now!

    We'll get through this together, tissues, tears and chocolate!

  13. Sending hugs....It's so rewarding and hard at the same time to watch our babies grow up...

    Seems like has been a whirlwind of good times mixed in with stress times for you...hopefully things calm down soon. I'm sure you're overwhelmed. Sometimes even the vacation, wedding, family reunion and all that kind of stuff...although good and wonderful and memory making...still exhausting to say the least....mix that in with the stuff thats on your mind...and phew...I need a nap now ;)

    Try to take time to breathe...and remember...these are no where near your final days with your oldest...just new chapters :)


  14. Man, you really do have a lot on your plate right now! I will be praying for you and your family that things will be smooth and easy for you all. I would be crying too if my oldest was entering into high school! This is a huge milestone and you are closing a big chapter in his life and are entering into a whole new one. I hope you feel better about it all, I am sure that you are going to have some wonderful memories of these next four years!


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