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More vacay stories...and photos...

We've been spending a lot of time fam and me...and I am LOVING the memories that we are making!

I'm downloading my photos from the last few days...not because I'm that extraordinarily organized, but because I need more room on my SD card! I was running out of space!

E.W's really come up with some cute phrases...the first was when I told him I thought maybe he had allergies, 'cuz he's been coughing (not a sick cough...and sneezing) a lot.

I neglected to mention the "sneezing" part, so he reminded me by saying, "And a lot of 'Bless You'in'"!! As we were coming into the "mountainous" part of South Dakota, we began talking about the "Black Hills".

My kids, who've never seen anything taller than a silo, really hadn't a clue about what to expect. So, the first hill we saw, E.W. pipes up, "Is that a black hill?!"

Man, I love that kiddo!

Then today, while driving Needles Highway, a couple of our kids got car sick, I nearly had a heart attack, and I became really bossy. "HUG THE MIDDLE LINE!!! ARRRGGGGHHHH!! HUG THE MIDDLE! SHOW THIS ROAD SOME PDA AND HUG THE MIDDLE!!!"

We survived...

And, man alive! I am gonna have some fabulous travel tips to share!

I hope your weekend is going great! I feel out of the "blogging loop", since this place is a technological black hole! For real...I wonder if any of the locals even have cell phones...'cuz they don't work ANYWHERE!

Slight exaggeration...but not too far off! ;)

Now...I am off to enjoy a campfire with those of my children who are still awake. What I really want to do, is go to bed...but I'll be a good sport and sit in a chair and get smoke in my eyes. It's all in the name of "making memories"...


  1. This is such a great post! I love the pictures!
    We were supposed to be in SD this week for Sturgis and the Needles Hwy was on our list. But we couldn't go because of some work conflicts :(

    Enjoy the rest of your time!

  2. Love these photos, it's like we are on a road trip with ya!

    When I was a little younger, about 15 we all went on a road trip across the US for a few weeks and one of my favorite places was South Dakota and Mount Rushmore.

    Have a blast, be safe :)

  3. Funny the things we do in the name of making memories. And don't kids just say the darndest things. I love the "bless you-in'". I'm guessing one of your travel tips may involve large doses of allergy meds even if you're not typically affected by allergens. Hope the rest of your vacay is great. -EW

  4. haha I love the last part of your post - it's all in the name of making memories :)

    Great first pic too of the sneezes!

    Hope you guys have a great time and can't wait to hear the tips you have for us.

  5. Love, love, LOVE the picture of the four of them! Excellent shot!

  6. What a great post!

    I've left a little something for you at

  7. Ooh, carsick kiddos is never fun. Glad you're past that part of the trip!

  8. Is that supose to be a two lane highway???


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