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Date Night...and a mean nurse.

Apparently, I have a threshold for f-bombs. You drop a few too many, and mean Mama Nurse comes out.

Had a patient today that was out of control. With a capital O-U-T. Crazy. Who knew that after pains "were so f'ing bad!!!! Just knock me out!!! I can't f'ing take this! I'm done with this f'ing pain! This is f'ing ridiculous!!" were so bad, that it takes IM narcotics to relieve them?

Please take note of the sarcasm in my any of us who've had children know...after pains hurt. Like a son-of-a-B, but not make you crazy hurt. Not, start throwing things around the room hurt. Not, swear at the nurses hurt.

Especially me. I'm nice! I try! I WAS trying!

So...she got mean Mama. And, by "mean" I mean, firm and respectful.

But...enough with that! (Although, I've gotta say...Mean Mama comes out so rarely that I was shaking like a leaf and my heart was pounding after!)

Onto our Date of the Week!

This week, I'd like to introduce:

365 Days of TV Free Toddler Time!
A blog by a mom with ten kids, including three toddlers. Join her as she blogs her way through fun TV-free activities with her toddlers, listing appropriate ages, all materials you'll need, and rating the activities with a 5-star rating system. You can even join the fun by playing along or guest posting!

Stop on over and pay this super mama a visit! 10 kids, living in Mexico AND maintaining 3 blogs! She is amazing! Don't forget to tell her Mama sent you!


  1. I have so been there! (Afterbirth pains and f-bomb dropping patients...)

  2. Mean Mama has to surface some times...

  3. I think people who get like that only end up making their pain worse...getting themselves all worked up. After I had my son, I did deep breathing...tried my best to stay as relaxed as I could...not easy, but I didn't drop any F-bombs on the nurses! LOL

  4. Is it weird that I don't remember after pains? I had a REALLY good epi though, so does that have something to do with it? Ofcourse, I took every pain killer the nurses brought me too, so who knows. I was seriously doped for a while after childbirth... LOL.

  5. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring my blog! And YOUR blog is getting HUGE! You've been doing something right, Mama M. I hope to talk with you in the Blog Frog forums more once things settle down into a routine again. Thanks so much again and have a wonderful day!

  6. I was hoping it was something more exciting then a few f-bombs! I've never felt after birth pains that bad, but maybe the morphine had something to do with that. Maybe.

  7. LOL, I think that "mean" nurse is someone who has to come out once in awhile. Some people are just plain mean and or crazy LOL. They need someone to put them in their place. I will never understand why people act like that! I hope you have a great week!

  8. Is it bad that I didn't even know what after pains were?

    Still... I'm glad you got mean mama on her! I mean, pull it together lady! ;)

  9. There are after pains? Ugh. Another reason to never have a kid.


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