Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Tree House Chronicles--Day 21

'ello!! This edition finds us completing week 3 of "Operation Tree House"...and, mission not accomplished!

Progress is being made, hard to tell, but it's there...'member my perfectionist of a hubby? Yeah, the floor wasn't quite right before, so this week was all about floor revisions!

Today, there was much power tool use...I think Mr. Wonderful just likes to use big tools, so he drags out these assignments as long as he can.

Lesson #1 in life, "Never get between a man and his WD40"...'cept that can kinda looks like a coke, doesn't it?

So, while it appears as tho' not much headway has been made since last week:

In reality, there has been some work! (Of which, apparently, you'll just have to take my word!) My prediction is that next week, we'll see some wallish type structures taking shape!!

And, if least my children have a platform in the woods on which to play.


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  1. Um..did you change your profile pic??? Pretty, Pretty!!!


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