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Memo to my Children


To: My perfectly behaved, always sparkling clean children

From: Your mother. Your tired, sleep deprived mother

Effective immediately, you must, and I repeat must, develop a sixth sense to know when mommy needs more sleep. This must be done in your sleep so as not to wake me at the butt crack of dawn at the glorious time when only shift workers and insomniacs are awake. This is particularly important if I, through my own fault or through no fault of my own, had a very late bedtime.

And while we're at it...when we are out in public, your halos must be perfectly straight, polished and shiny. This crooked halo bit when we're out and about has got to stop, okay? Please? Pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top? I super-dog dare you...ha!! Try to turn that down!

(I am not above begging and dares...soooooo not above begging and dares.)


  1. My kids are never up at the butt crack of dawn, praise the Lord, but boy, they've been pushing their bedtime lately!! They're going to be paying for it dearly when school starts up again.

    As for the halos in public, it gets better, it really does. My sons don't have issues with that anymore, thank goodness, but they've always been fairly good. My daughter, on the other hand, lost her halo years ago. It was probably spit shined, crooked, bent, and all, but it is missing in action.

  2. As a fellow Mother, we've all been there & JD is right the halo's usually work themselves out just fine. Then one day when the teachers & random please praise you for what well behaved children you have, you will wonder why they don't act like that at HOME.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's great! I love it! I totally feel you on the sleeping thing...both my kids slept until 6:30 this morning and it was seriously like Christmas for me! :)

  4. Yes, the "butt crack of dawn" awakenings were pretty common around least, that was when they were little!

    Now, I founnd the opposite sleep pattern with our home-from-college boy this summer, in that I could hardly budge him some time after 12 or 1pm with my "discreet" kitchen-banging noises. (Thank goodness though, this was only on Sat or days he wasnt working and that for some miracle, he did make it to his summer intern/job!)


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