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I Love Me My Ladies

Last nights girl's night was always. Who doesn't ever NOT have a good time on girl's night? Pretty mellow...however, I did wake up with a bit of a headache! Geez, those Gin and Tonics get me every time...

Anywho, put a bunch of women together and your bound to hear some pretty hilarious stories...I just have to share this one (all names shall be withheld for, um, privacy or something?)

So, one amongst us (I'll just say it wasn't me...but it certainly could have been!!) was at "the mall" with her two kiddos who were overtired and mighty cranky (oh, doesn't that combo always make for a nice day out?). She tells us that every store they went to, she ended up carrying a melting two year old and a four year old saying, "I hate him. He always does this, he just ruins it. I hate him." (Oh, the joys of siblings!!) Turns out, there was another mother with her young daughter that happened to be witness to my friend's struggles in nearly. every. store.

Finally, my friend waved the white flag and called it a day...only to discover a downpour off they went to buy an umbrella. Umbrella purchased, they were standing near the door, with my friend hopelessly looking on to her (now completely) melted two year old in her arms, her four year old, a stroller, and many bags...trying to figure out how on earth she was going to get everyone and everything out to the car whilst underneath their fantastic new umbrella.

Low and comes the "other mom and daughter", who look with pity upon the scene to which they are witnessing (once again!!). Other mom says to my friend, "Can I help you? I've been there, I know what you're going through."

Grateful for some sympathy and assistance, my friend, wearily looking at all of her "baggage" says, "Yeah...but I don't know with what." (When we all knew she was thinking, "Can you find a loving home for this two year old?"--kidding...)

So, the nice "other mother" says, "Why don't you just leave the kids with me and go get your car."

My friend quickly agrees, thinking that's the best plan she's heard all day. She did take the melted two year old with her (didn't want to leave a tired, cranky, slobbery, teary, dirty kiddo with the nice lady). About half-way to the car, she realizes her poor decision, visualizes "Four year old Left with Stranger at the Mall" type headlines, and panics!!!!

So, she jumps in her vehicle with a full backpack on her back and plops her two year old on her lap. With her two year old squished up against the steering wheel, she peels off (insert squealing tires and stunt car like driving here) to get her four year old, whom she left with some stranger and is certain must be a terrified mess, if she's even still there at all. She flies up to the door, parking all kiddywhampus, blocking traffic and races inside...only to find her four year old pleasantly chatting up the nice, helpful lady.

Ahhhhh...doesn't it make you feel good to know other people have "those days" too?! Yup, you live and learn!


  1. Thanks for the laugh! I needed that :) I know I've had days like that. I think I'd freak too if I realized I left my kid with a stranger! Glad to know it all worked out!

  2. That's so funny, only because I have totally been there. UGH! :)
    Gin and Tonic....yum!

  3. Man, there just isn't any good plan for a mommy with more than one melting-down child, a stroller, a diaper bag, shopping bags, an umbrella and a downpour at the mall! I can't tell you how many times that EXACT scenario has happened to me ... and how many times we all just get SOAKED going out to the car. Sigh. They need rent-a-nannys in the mall ... maybe right next to the rent-a-stroller places : )


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