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I'm Humbled

Two awards in one, I'm humbled that people enjoy reading my stuff enough to award up, the Nobel Prize.

Okay, so I realize they're "just" blog awards, but gosh, to a girl like me that's really somethin'. I mean, I've never won an award in my whole life (well, except for that one night, at band camp...kidding, kidding), and now, two (well, three, if you count my one from last week! Not that I'm bragging or anything, just sayin' know?!).

So, I'll shut up now and show you the goods!

Maria awarded me this!

Thank you for thinking I'm a gem! That's so sweet, Maria! No rules with this one, just the glory and honor of being "gemmed"!

Jennifer awarded me this today (isn't it cute?!!). I'm so flattered that you think I'm deserving of a "Fabulous" award, thank you!

Now, for the "work"...rules are I need to 'fess up to five current obsessions and re-award it to five bloggers. Here goes:

1. Shoes...always has been, always will be. Currently, I'm on kick for flats with a know, a great color, a big POP to make an outfit! I'll have to show you my yellow flats from earlier this summer. They are to die for!

2. Blogging...yes, blogging. I waste spend waaayyyyy too much of my day on the 'puter when I could be doing something productive, like shopping for that awesome pair of flats um, like, you know, washing dishes or doing laundry.

3. Eating...have I mentioned that I'm PMSing? Yup, eating us out of house and home! Latest...Chicken Salad (basil, toasted almonds, grapes...mmmmmm, I want some now, be right back...).

4. Okay, back now, brushing crumbs off face, wiping hands on sweats...Oh, yeah #4...Mr. Wonderful. Man, I love that guy. Our marriage has been super strong lately (we're in a light time...more on that in a different post) and it is soooo wonderful to connect so strongly.

5. My kiddos...everyday they amaze me ('cept when they interrupt my precious computer time, darn little rugrats...). I'm amazed that God chose to bless me with the 5 children he did. That he thought I'd be a good enough mother to raise, nurture, and guide these awesome little creatures (and I mean that in a good way!).

Now, 5 "awardees":

1. Erin: She has the cutest little guy! Love reading 'bout their adventures!

2. Pink Slippers: 7 kiddos and always a great, she loves everything pink!

3. Leslie: Cute blog, newly she starts her teaching job tomorrow...uh, today, I guess (judging by the time!).

4. Heather: Oz and her adorable cuties (and the fun quotes that come out of their mouths!

5. Maria: With her cool sketches and fun loving attitude!

Whew!!!! I think it's time for bed now!!

Thanks again Maria and Jennifer, for the awesome awards!


  1. Like, OH MY GOSH! I am like totally shocked. Like thank you so much!
    just kidding!
    I don't talk like that. I'm delerious and should be in bed.
    Thanks so much for the award. I love your blog so much. So funny! I am really looking forward to the Treehouse Chronicles!

  2. I totally am with ya on the "WOW! Really? ...for me?...Nobel prize... the Oscars, too?" haha. I love your humor and I'm really glad I found your blog.

    Now, for my acceptance speech... "I want to thank MamaM for making this possible... and..." (I'll be sure to let you know when I get the rest of that acceptance down on paper (electronic paper)...I am sooo slow at getting a post up, it may be a wee little bit). ...until then-thank you, thank you, thank you! (This Fabulous Blog Award is so chic and totally fab.u.lous!)

    Blessings & aloha!

  3. sorry to be a comment hog! I tried to contact you by clicking on your Click here link... but for some reason (who knows), we cannot connect with outlook express!

    so, if you would email me first, that would be great ;o)

    Just a technical question... I'd love to be able to cross out or line through a word or phrase. I've seen this before and *think* I can handle that...If it's not too involved a process, that is...

  4. Thanks Mama M! I'm glad you like reading my blog because i love reading your blog! I appreciate that you were thinking of me :)

  5. Congratulations on all the exciting!!

    Shoes...I love shoes!!


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