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Not Me! Monday

Yup, it's Monday...again (I really wish weekends could last forever...but, alas, Monday always comes)...time, once again, for Not Me! Monday! Check out MckMama's blog (the mastermind behind this fabulous, free therapy) and see what else people have been, er...I mean haven't been doing!

We did not learn a life lesson this week...and if we did learn a life lesson, it certainly wouldn't go along with this story: Four cranky, overtired children do not make great company for 8pm mass. Late, which seems to be our style, we were and my wonderful Mr. Wonderful leads us all to the front of church. And I'm talking front, as in, you can't get any fronter, front. Church has already started (did I mention we walked all the way to the front of church?) and we cozy ourselves in. Immediately Tiny Girl begins to demonstrate her, um...assertiveness (who the heck did she get that from!?). Screeching, as she prefers most to verbalize, we catch the attention of the elderly priest (who, smiles as he looks upon our family...and we, with gritted teeth, smile back). He gets up to begin the gospel reading as my hubby pops Tiny Girl's nuk into her mouth (a sad attempt to keep her quiet), and the priest says (jokingly) "Well, give her the cigar and she quiets down!" Embarrassment. So, T.G is good for a bit, then starts up again with the screeching...Mr. Wonderful decides enough's enough and gathers her up to take her to the back of the church (btw...I meant to tell you that we were in the front of the church...oh, I did tell you that? Sorry...). The priest is about to begin his homily as Mr. W and T.G are leaving and he murmurs into the microphone, "Looks like she won." Complete and utter embarrassment. No, lesson learned it was not. Uh, way. And besides, my children are angels, I would never have a child create a scene such as above...Not Me!

I am not PMSing...and it has never crossed my mind to just have another baby to be without PMS for months and months and months. In this lovely PMS state that I was not in, I did not eat more than my fair share of supper (T-bones, corn on the cob, creamy cucumbers)...and, in fact, deny my child the "best part" of the T-bone, eat 3 cobs of corn and multiple servings of cucumbers. Oh, no! In fact, that's not all that I didn't eat...then I didn't have popcorn, premium M&M's, Trolli Gummy Rocks, and more M&M's...'cuz there "wasn't anything else to eat". No, I never pig out and stuff myself sick with food...never!

Whoa...those were a couple of long stories that happened...I mean, didn't happen recently! I'll leave it at that, friends! Enjoy your week!


  1. that is TERRIBLE re: church and the priest. I don't think the priest should be allowed to publicly ridicule . . . seems a bit un-priest-like doesn't it?

  2. Those stories are awesome!
    I too have had the odd (alright, every month) PMS binge - glad to see I'm not alone!

  3. I'm not PMSing wither and you're right. I should have gone with the chocolate!

  4. "it has never crossed my mind to just have another baby to be without PMS for months and months and months" - I love it, I totally think the same thing! :)
    Have a great week!

  5. Too funny... but what a rude priest! I think I would have been more mad than embarrassed.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry you had to endure ridicule at church. By the way, I'm the youngest of four and my mom and dad ALWAYS made us sit up front. She said it made us behave better because we were on "display." Maybe TG is just a little too tiny to realize that yet! ;-)

  7. Too funny! It is bad enough when your kids misbehave in church...but to be in the very front makes it even worse!

  8. Your church story is EXACTLY what isnpires me to make it to church early on Sunday ... when we're late, the ushers inevitably lead us to the only open pew in the entire church, and it's enivitably in the front row : )

  9. These Not Me! posts are hilarious... Idont kow if I am talented enough to think tin the "Not Me" mode... hmmm. I'll have to try that out some time.

    But of course, it's the front, front! haha

    I actually have a Blog Hg (aka award) for you at my place, too...

    Blessings & aloha!

  10. Ouch! Public comments on parenting (insert hair pulling here). My word what a week you've had. All those M&Ms never met a more fitting end. They served their purpose and died an honorable death.

  11. PMS'ing with you sister...
    found your blog through another...
    Happy Monday!

  12. You know that is the only reason I am pregnant right now...I was avoiding PMS. Seems that it didn't solve the PMS eating though. *Sigh*

    I forgot today was Monday and didn't do a Not Me post. :(
    Que sara - there is always next week!

  13. Sorry about the mean old priest :( Happy Monday!

  14. I cannot relate to you at all. My 19 month old has never had a screeching fit in a public place before. People have never stared at us with their mouths open and their eyes wide. He's never silenced an entire room before. Nope, not my kid. =)

  15. I hate PMS and it's aftermath! I dream of having another baby too, just to get rid of that nonsense. Nursing twins is very helping in keeping the monthly mayhem! No monthlies til they were 10 months old! wooh hoo!

  16. As the mom of a child on the autism spectrum, my child has never turned us into a public spectacle, we have never been stared at, pitied, and given rude comments. She has never had shut downs or fits in public, has never consistantly taken off on us, we have never had Code Adams, nor can we tell you which local spots have Code Adam systems in place, and which don't, nor do we ever shop based on which stores have them... We have never had to drop everything and leave, ever.


    As for PMS -- cancer sucks, but you know how there is always a silver lining somewhere, for me, it was being spayed. Buh-bye, PMS!! Buh-bye monthly misery!! Unfortunately, I still love food. Sigh...


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