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California Bees

Mr. Wonderful informed me this weekend, that there is a bee problem in California. Actually, it is a lack of bee problem, apparently.

Turns out beekeepers around our neck of the woods (and yours, too, perhaps...unless, of course, you live in Cali) are renting their bees out to farmers in CA for pollination. Hmmm...that alone is an interesting concept, isn't it? Kinda sounds like beekeepers are "pimps" and the bees are the prostitutes, or somethin'?!!

Renting bees out? Who'da thunk it?

Well, anywho, this bee renting out of, isn't going so well, according to my Mr. Wonderful. Our local beekeepers are losing bees, now. Seems that there is a phenomena going on with the bees in California (so they say)...they can't find their way back to the hive. Um...hellllloooo???

Like, totally, duh!!

Phenomena I think not! It's California, dudes! These bees are just smart! They leave the hive, pollinate some crops, catch sight of the ocean and that's the end. Surfer dude bees, beach bum bees, "betty" bees. They've had it with the work...they just want to play...and gosh, can you blame 'em?

And for sure this happens with MN bees!! Our bees are angry little things, bring 'em to Cali, show 'em the gorgeous weather, ocean, celebrities, and you can bet your sweet honey they ain't comin' back to MN!!

Sheesh...phenomena! Always a scientist havin' to make it all...scientific or somethin'!


  1. Ha! Your too funny.

    I live in California (Northern) I don't think they are so much getting lost as they are becoming acquainted with my windshield! My grandpa got in my car a month or two ago and looks at (out?) the windshield and say "Bees???"

    That's what happens when you drive by the orchards. :)

  2. **gasping for air** TOO FUNNY!

    Well, the bee problem is serious, but I LOVE your take on it. Had me laughing out loud... especially considering our move to Cali. Yup, we'll get there, see the beach, and go "New Brunswick what?"

  3. So in other words, the MN bee keepers will be more than happy to get rid of the large underground bee hive in my yard for FREE so they can rent them out to California?

  4. and the scientists will spend millions of dollars trying to figure out why and eventually, years later come to the conclusion their findings were inconlusive...


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