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Post About Nothing

I'm sure you've heard of "penis envy", no? You know, that we (women) envy (insert *scoff* here!!) men and their, um...packages. Well, I, for one, don't envy that!! (Sheesh, all that...that...stuff, just hangin' there, not all tucked into a nice, neat, no. Not for me!)

But, what I do envy, is "nothing". You know, "Whatcha thinkin' 'bout, hon?"

Hon, "Nothin'."

Really?? Nothing? Gosh...what's that like?!!! I can't even fathom what it could be like to think about nothing. Women's brains never. shut. off. Ever. Dontcha just wish you had an "off" switch for these amazing brains of ours?

I'm surprised, really, that we (women) are still in existence. You'd think with all those firing neurons and all that synapse jumping, that our brains would just implode. Overheat from all that use, and just...just, melt. (Clearly, we are a strong be able to withstand it, no?)

When Miss E. and I were shopping the other day, and driving from point A to point B, I looked back and saw her looking out the window. So I asked, "Whatcha thinkin' 'bout?"

"Nothin'." She replied.

I wanted to pull over and freeze that moment in time for her. That moment when she was, simply, not thinking about anything (now, was she really not thinking about anything? Probably not...she was probably mulling over all the awesomeness she just scored shopping with mom...but I chose to take it at face value. Nothin'.) there she sits, thinking about "nothing" while my brain is abuzz with, well, everything. You know?

Seems I barely finish (sometimes I don't) a thought, and it sparks something, and I'm off on a totally different path. Totally. Constantly, 24/7. I even dream my brain doesn't even shut off in sleep. wonder I'm so tired all the time.

Oh, how I would love to think about "nothing" just sit in silence, no buzzing, no neurons firing, no synapses being jumped (or whatever happens to synapses...oh, wait, that sounds a little ghetto, no? I guess I'd prefer my synapses don't get jumped, or mugged, for that matter).

Yeah...I definitely have a case of "Nothing Envy".

So...whatcha thinkin' 'bout?


  1. Don't I know!~ I've got so much going on in my head, that I've had other people tell me that I didn't finish my sentence before I jumped on to something else. It nevers stops~ What I wouldn't give for a moment of nothin'!

  2. ugh, I feel the SAME way as you!!! My boyfriend and I are having serious problems because of his lack of communication and the fact that every question I ask him, his reply is usually "nothin" -- it drives me crazy!!! I am like you- My mind is on the go 24 hours a day. I cannot finish a thought without using it as a means to start thinking about other stuff. It never stops. And it IS tiring. Grrr at men for being able to avoid this exhausting routine.

  3. Totally there with you! Very frustrating. My husband is always "go out and have a good time, get your mind off things". Then I just worry more. ;)
    The only thing I have about penis envy by the way is the fact that they can stand and don't have to hover over disgusting public toilets!!

  4. It has taken over 15 years, but I have finally started pulling the weeds ("nothings") out of my husband's head so that he can finally communicate with me.

    As for a penis, I've often wondered if having a penis cancels out brain activity... you know, if they had a little LCD screen on their forehead, and they were male, it would probably say "Error: Penis and Brain not compatible!" OK, so at least "Penis and communication -- not compatible!" No offense, guys, really!

  5. I could not have said it better myself! I absolutly love this post and I am going to talk about this on my blog and reference yours! i don't even think men have an incling of what it is like to be us!

    I don't have Penis envy....I just want a WIFE!


  6. OMG!!! My brain NEVER shuts OFF! And it moves frantically from one topic to the next. I SERIOUSLY wish there was an off switch. Just so I could fall asleep.

    I look at my son, staring at the t.v., mouth hanging open, not a thought in his little head.....and I am SO JEALOUS.

    I wish I could watch T.V., without it reminding me of the 2 billion other things I really should be doing! Gosh!

  7. Check out my blog I gave you an award!


  8. Haha! Yeah, I almost don't believe it when my husband says 'nothin', because I can't wrap my brain around it, don't brains always think? I don't get it, how can you think about nothing? Yeah, mine doesn't shut off...

  9. I do not think it is nothin', I think it is sex, sex, and more sex. Nothin' is just their reply for it.

    And what am I thinking about, you ask: "Nothin'" :)

  10. I would love. love. LOVE a moment to just think about nothing. Really and truly think about nothing. {Sigh}


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