Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Not a Floozy

Know what I think is soooooo very attractive on a man?

Promise you won't think I'm a floozy?


Okay, so, the most attractive thing that I think a man can wear is...his wedding ring!

Don't be alarmed (while I think it is attractive on your man, I am not attracted to him...make sense??)! Mr. Wonderful knows all about this attraction of mine...I strongly suggested he wear his ring after we got married...he was debating...he works with farmers and occasionally some machinery and was concerned about the potential of "getting it caught". When I told him how "hot" I thought it was, and that he was certain to get lucky to get more of my attention, he not only wears it, he waves it in front of my face.

I's just something about that shiny band on tan, masculine hands that really does a number on me...and in turn, make my husband one. happy. man.

Is that weird?


  1. Not a floozy, but a lovely goober. :)
    Couldn't resist...

    carebear: AKA - the "mature" one. ;)

  2. ...I've never thought of that to be an attraction, but... if the ring fits... that your hubby "waves it in front of your face!" hysterical!

    (since my hubby's retired from flying helicopters, he wears his wedding band all the time now...but during pre-flight procedures, he'd take it, too. After-all, he is Mr. Safety Man!)


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