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I See Where I Rate

Kids eating supper:

Miss E.: "Mom, I love you sooooo much! I'm so glad we got you for a mom."

Others chiming in (Tiny Girl, shrieking in agreement...seriously, is that the only way she knows how to communicate???)..."Yeah! We love you soooo much!"

E.W: "We love you more than...more than...than...THE DECK!!"

Gee...thanks E.W.


In other news, I just have to say that there really are angels among us. During our trip to hell, I mean, Sam's Club...T.G. was melting, and since shrieking at eardrum bursting decibels seems to be her favorite way to communicate, we were treated (as was the rest of the store) to a full force, all out, shriek.

Suddenly, this elderly gentleman (a customer), with a very gentle way about him approaches our melting daughter with arm outstretched and a tootsie roll peace offering. Immediately, and I mean, immediately she quiets, looking him right in the eye and gently takes the tootsie roll.

Ahhhhhh...thank you, sir! He tells me a story about giving things away, 'cuz the angels don't let you take them to heaven, and this is why he gives away his tootsie rolls.

As he leaves, he grants me a warm, gentle smile and says, "There is nothing more precious than the smile of a child."
Big A. then reminds me...we have met this man before! And at Sam's Club nonetheless! A few years ago, a few less children with me (and those present were much better behaved) the same sweet man stopped us, offered our kiddos a tootsie roll and gave me a card...I know I saved it, and now I must find it! On the card was a kind of prayer, I believe, about children and butterflies, and how they quickly flit into and out of our lives.

I really feel God placed that sweet angel there for me. He knew I would be struggling and sent me someone who would remind me how precious, my children are. Even when they misbehave.

Yup, definitely there are angels among us.


  1. **goosebumps** I've had some similar encounters, and wondered if those people were indeed angels in one way or another. He sounds very sweet.

    THE DECK? Oh man... I have to laugh along with you -- that's uhm, unfortunate. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!

  2. That man had to of been an angel! Wish the world was full of more people like that.

    I guess they must really love that deck! lol

  3. More than the DECK! How very funny :)

    Jenny '94 (Tara's friend from Reunion)

  4. What a cool story about the man at Sam's Club! I definitely think there are angels among us!

    Glad to know your kids like you better than the deck! :)

  5. What a sweet story, and what a wonderful gentleman!

    More than the deck!? haha what a cutie! I love the things they come up with!

    And thanks to you as well for stopping by :)

  6. You must have QUITE the deck at your place!!! The story about the Tootsie Roll gentleman brought tears to my eyes...

    :-) Jen Sunder

  7. haha...I loved how much your little loves you :o) At first I thought-what wonderful, awesome, amazing thing is this "DECK" that is used to compare against?

    Around here at dinner time...I get from my hubby and son (since he is home from college), high accolades like- "Hon, that was delicious... Mom, You are an amazing cook...etc! I guess I really just should take the compliments...but I tend to have the feeling of suspicion of their true motives...keeping me the "head cook", so my "boys" don't have to make the meals!

    Love the tootsie roll story :o) a sweet reminder of our children being such sweet blessings.

    Reminds me of my grandpa when I was little, before he passed away, he would always have a tootsie roll and a stick of dentyne to give to his "chum" (I was the grandchild he called "chum" :o)

  8. What a great story! That old man sounds like an angel!

  9. How sweet. Kinda makes you wonder what makes people tick, doesn't it? How on earth did that man decide that his special way of blessing the world would be through Tootsie Rolls ... and why? Whatever the reason, it's a great way to get attention for his beautiful message. Thanks for sharing that!

  10. Oh, so cool! I want to be just like him!


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