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My Make-Over--A Whole 'Nuther Post

So, I feel like I've been saying, "but that's a whole 'nuther post" a lot lately, and I've decided I'm gonna stick to my word, I'm honest like that, you know?!

Up first, my make-over story:

It was late winter of 2003, my birthday and my and Mr. Wonderful's anniversary was approaching when a local radio station was holding a "The New Me in 2003" make-over contest. And, yes, it was right around the New Year! I thought, what the heck...I mean what could l lose, 'cept my pride and my gorgeous, outgrown perm that I tried on for ease...not my greatest style decision ever (now shoes though, that I'm pretty darn good with!!).

So, the gig was that you had to send in a letter stating why you thought you deserved a make-over. As soon as I thought of the first line of my letter, I knew I was in! It went like this:

Dearest handsome, hilarious morning men: (well, okay, I didn't really start out with that...)

"How do you turn a fox into a cow?"

"You marry her!!!" Bah-dah-dum...such a comedian (or would it be, comedienne?) I am!!

Well, I'm sure it was my anniversary and my birthday approaching, topped off by my wonderful comedic timing (ahem), I was awoken (awaken, woked, this one always stumps me!!) at the butt crack of dawn by my hubby handing me the phone with a strange look on his face.

Me, my voice groggy with sleep, "Hello?"

DJ, perky, no hint of grogginess whatsoever, since I'm sure he'd been awake for hours, "Mama M?" ('cept, you know, he called me my real name...blogging wasn't invented yet, or something)

Me, "Uh huh"

DJ, even perkier, "Congratulations!!! You've just one the New Me in 2003 Make-Over!!!!!!!!" (okay, to be honest, I wasn't the only one to win...I think there were three of us, or something!!).

Me, still sleepy, "Oh, gee, that's great. Thanks."

Apparently, I wasn't quite chipper and excited enough, 'cuz then they immediately took me off the air, got my info and disposed of me quickly. Glad to be rid of the boring, un-excited, sleepy me...I'm sure!

So, make-over day arrives! I get picked up in a limo (woooo-hooo!! Livin' the high life for this simple girl!), given (insert inserting pinky into corner of mouth and Austin Power's Dr. Evil voice here) $100, driven to a salon for a fab new do (which, BTW, I upgraded by getting some fun new highlights and my first brow wax ever), a facial and a great make-up application. From there Mr. Limo took me to the mall, I purchased part of a fab outfit with my $100 dollars (even back then, a hundred bucks didn't getcha far--and certainly, no amazing shoes!!), then we (Mr. Limo and I) drove back to my home to pick up an awaiting Mr. Wonderful. From there, we got to have dinner on the radio station! It was a great date...even though we forked over more money for a couple of drinks and dessert that the station didn't pick up!

Well, some friends of ours decided it would be great fun to join us! We paid for extra time with the limo, and had one heckuva fun night! We still talk about it...singing "Picture" at the top of our lungs, some among us a little too inebriated to carry a tune in a was a great, nay, fantastic night!

My "free" make-over ended up costing one million dollars...okay, well, not that much...but more than we anticipated, money well spent--who says you can't buy memories (hmmm...does anybody say that?!!).

I'd love to scan some photos of me and my new do from that night...but, alas, that would take more time and energy than I currently have...searching through gobs of old photos, then figuring out how to scan with my scanner that's way on the other side of the room, not connected to the computer, blah, blah, blah.

But, that my friends, is just "a whole 'nuther post"!!


  1. Love a winning story! And I am (dont know how to bold in a comment, so chose to capitalize how confident I am about you :o) ...DEFINITELY sure it was your wit and humor that got you selected!

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