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Five Question Friday!! 6/22/12

Sooooooo looking forward to this weekend. Taking the kids to "Brave", a nephew's birthday party, and a whole lotta "not much else" going on!

Had a cabinet maker come out and look at our (never-ending) bathroom project to give us a bid and excited about making some forward progress! (While I had him I may or may not have picked his brain about our kitchen/mudroom/livingroom/staircase remodel.)

After that visit, I see a Home Depot or Menards trip in our (very, "this weekend") near future! I'll keep you posted...and prolly call on you for suggestions for some things (counters, lighting, stain color) that I'm not so skilled at. Sound good? 'Kay thanks, I'm glad we could discuss this.

Anyway, let's get going with 5QF!

Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post or if you've suddenly discovered your muses are too busy to help you get a post written.

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP!

Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN!

Questions for Friday, June 22nd: (Special thanks to Pam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie, Stephanie (@Stephanielex) from On My Mind, Lovely Lici (@Lovely_Lici), Dawn (@BoyOhBoyOhBoys) from Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!, and little ol' me ['cuz I'm curious] for these 5QF question suggestions! I would love to link you in a future 5QF, so come on over to my community or watch for my Thursday afternoon shout out for questions on Twitter and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. What do you keep a stock pile of?

2. If Ben & Jerry asked you to invent an ice cream, what would it be?

3. How do you blow off steam?

4. What would you do if you had an hour to yourself anywhere within a ten mile radius of your kids, no hubby, just you?

5. When you were 16, what was your curfew in the summertime?


1. What do you keep a stock pile of?

There is one thing that I can NOT live without. And so, we always (always, always, always), without fail, have it on hand.

I buy it at Sam's Club...if I maybe think we're getting low, I'll pick more up, so sometimes, we have SEVERAL in our pantry.

Yes, we run out of toilet paper, milk, and bread, but never my "MUST HAVE".

Any guesses?




Okay, I'll just spill it. It's Heinz Ketchup. Can NOT live without it. A1 is close behind, be we frequently run out of that and then I cry over my perfectly grilled (by the hubs) steak while I mourn the absence of A1 at our meal.

But never. EVER. Will I allow us to run out of ketchup.



2. If Ben & Jerry asked you to invent an ice cream, what would it be?

Easy, peasy.

Coffee, pecan and caramel. And I'd call it "Mama Mia!" cuz MAMA MIA!!! is it good!

This is my standard "order" at Cold Stone...(have you ever had their coffee ice cream? To. Die. For.) a "Like It" (with 2 spoons) with the aforementioned ingredients. Coffee, a little salt, and some sweet.


Is Cold Stone open this early in the morning? 'Cuz I want some now.

I see, in my very near future, a visit to Cold Stone after our Home Depot/Menards visit.

Are we there yet?

3. How do you blow off steam?

Well, my favorite way is to spend money. Maurices has been my therapist of late. (Have you SEEN their clothes in the past several months? SUPER cute stuff!)

I really wish my "steam release" was something productive. Like cleaning. Or running.

As it turns out, I hate cleaning. And running. But I love shopping.

I just wish our checkbook loved it.

4. What would you do if you had an hour to yourself anywhere within a ten mile radius of your kids, no hubby, just you?

See above. Maurices. Without shushing kids, or constantly redirecting, and not having to cram us all into a dressing room whilst wrestling kids and dragging them back under the door all while I'm either half dressed or half undressed.

I wish we had a coffee shop in my town. I'd totally hang out there too, if I could. 

5. When you were 16, what was your curfew in the summertime?

So, this is my "selfish" question. The Mr. and I don't see eye-to-eye on this subject, and I'm just wondering what the general consensus was.

When I was 16, my curfew was 11-11:30, but never (never, ever, ever, never, ever, ever, ever) after midnight, 'cuz that's when the drunks start leaving the bar.

My stance: 11-11:30 during the summer. Earlier if needing to get going early the next morning. 10 during the school year.

Hubby's stance: 10 is plenty late on a weekday if he's just going to his girlfriend's house to watch a movie, later if they're out on a date or if he's at a friend's house.

What say you?


And now you're in the know! ;) Have a fabulous weekend...I have a fun giveaway coming up this week, nothing terribly exciting, but something anyone could probably use! Stay tuned!


  1. I am in need of a cabinet maker now too. I need drawers built for an old built in cabinet I uncovered.

  2. Thanks for picking my question this week! :) My 16 year old is usually home by 11:00, but I need to know where he is at all times and the place has to be somewhere productive (ie: a movie or a friend's house, NOT the local plaza or park). He isn't driving yet (he gets his beginners' licence next week on his birthday (OMG!!!) but won't be able to drive alone for a year (Ontario Law)) so we pick him up or another parent brings him home at this point. Not sure what the time will be once he's out and about on his own. *OMG - MY BABY IS GOING TO BE DRIVING!!!*

  3. I hate running and cleaning too, right there with ya Mama. Your ice cream flavor sounds delish, I would buy it right up!

  4. When our son was 16 he was 6 feet tall so there was no way he would follow a curfew however the truck had to be parked on the street by 11:30 pm. The consequences would have been a trip to the Licensing Dept where he would have to replace his license because I took it away from him. The truck was always on the street on time.

  5. This is my first FQF, it was fun. I wish your ice cream flavor was real because it sounds delicious.

    -- Jessica @ Through the Bookshelf

  6. My curfew in high school was pretty much 11:00, which was mostly because my friends and I all had junior drivers licenses and in PA you can't drive past 11 with a junior license. When I was home for breaks in college my parents still wanted me in at a certain time, usually 12:30. My mom always told us, "12:30 is plenty late. Nothing good happens after 12:30!" ha!

  7. New to the link up, thanks for hosting!


  8. When I was in high school I did not have a "blanket" curfew time...if I was doing something that would be done at 9pm, then I needed to be home accordingly based on how far away it was (i.e. 9:30pm). If I was at a movie that got over at 11pm, then I needed to be home by 11:30. My parents' philosophy was if I didn't have to be home until 11:30 but didn't have definitive plans after 9, that left 2 1/2 hours for me to get in trouble. And I was a goody-two-shoes! I also had to tell them what I was doing and with who before I left...which is how they determined when I needed to be home. It was logical and worked for me. My younger brother would just plan stuff late all the he had a curfew of midnight max...earlier if the activity warranted it. We both were home in the summers in parents were EXCELLENT at realizing we were adults. So the courteous thing was to let them know when we planned to be home so they wouldn't worry, and let them know if it was going to change by an hour or more. But they never told us what time we HAD to be home from that point on.

  9. We had our weekend curfews during the summer. This increased each year until we were 18. My brother was a year behind me and started hanging out with me because he got my curfew as long as we were together.

    School nights, our curfew was 10PM. We were seldom out that late on school nights unless we were out with our parents anyway.

  10. The curfew question makes me laugh because I just ran into this with my own mom! I was home for my 10 year high school reunion (making me 28 years old, mind you) and before I left she asked what time I was going to be home. My response: "I don't know, maybe like 1:00am at the latest". Her response: "I really think midnight is late enough, so why don't you be home by then?" Ummmm mom, I'm an adult. But thank you.

    For the record, we met in the middle and I was home by 12:30 :)

    Oh - and I have a major Maurices addiction, too. It's really really really bad, in a really really really good way! :)

    Miss you, lady!


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