Monday, June 4, 2012


So, it turns out that a summer cold can render one completely incapable of forming coherent sentences to turn out a blog post.

Actually, it renders one completely incapable of forming coherent sentences period. Blog post or not.

Friday afternoon I found myself irritable and scratchy throated. (Can you verb "throat"? 'Cuz I think I just did...) By that night I was feeling yuck. Worked Saturday, came home, went to church (prayed to feel better, btw), came home feeling even yuckier, slept for a bit, took some photos and went to bed.

Sunday came, I woke up feeling even blechier, made it through work and came home and slept. And slept some more, and whined, and sneezed, and blew my nose, and whined some more, then sneezed some more, ate some ramen noodles and Rice-a-Roni, and went back to bed and GUESS WHAT?!

I actually did NOT die last night like I was certain was going to happen. Indeed, I woke up alive and *gasp* feeling a bit better! YEE-HAW!!!!

Through it all my husband was a champ! Either his "compassion bone" has grown, or I actually looked as sick as I felt because dude was a SAVIOR!! Let me sleep, checked on me, camped outside with the kids, made supper, did laundry, felt my forehead, tucked me in, and was pure awesome.

You know...funny thing is, he didn't kiss me though.

Next up...Valleyfair tomorrow!!! And tomorrow's "In the Kitchen with Gram" post? A yummy twist on Sloppy Joes!


  1. I am just recovering from my summer took about 2 weeks. Take care of yourself!

  2. Reminds me of my hubby ... Super attentive since I became pregnant, yet he deprives me of one of my favorites -- kissing!!

  3. I'm glad your feeling better! I had to giggle when I read your post - I finally found someone else who knows what Valleyfair is! I was born and raised in MN, but have lived in AZ for the past 9 years. People think I'm all kinds of crazy when I talk about Valleyfair! LOL Hope you have fun!

  4. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well but glad that you're feeling better.


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