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Michelob Ultra Light Cider...Refreshing Summertime Drink!

Summertime...synonymous with hot, lazy days, grilling out, and a nice cold beverage to sip on.

I'm not sure I love any season as much as I love summer. Without central air conditioning in our home, we tend to do A LOT of our cooking outside. On the grill. (Hubby is the grill master 'round here...)

And, it just doesn't seem right to grill without a cool beverage in your hand, right?!

BlogHer and Michelob provided me with the opportunity to review their new Light Cider and, scout's honor, I really liked it! I am NOT a beer lover or really much of an "apple-y" girl, but honest to Pete (who's Pete, by the way?) this was dang good!

Mr. Wonderful and I grilled some chicken breasts (and by "and I" I really mean "I just watched") for Chicken Cesar Salad wraps and we decided what better time to try out this new drink that right that very (muggy, steamy, rainy) day?

I'll be honest, at that moment, it was more laughter and chugging beer while trying to snap photos than it was really paying attention to how delicious it was! But, HAVE NO FEAR!! With last weekend being Memorial Day weekend, I spent sometime on the Mississippi River with my parents while the kiddos camped with the Mr.

I brought along a couple of the Light Ciders because my dad wanted to try his had at "reviewing". Man, oh man, you should've seen the sand bar light up when he took out that new drink!

"What is THAT?!"

"Where'd you get that?"

"Can I try it?"

My formerly liquor store employed baby brother and gave it a swig and nailed it when he said, "It's good. Almost a little champagne-y...a little dry." No wonder I liked it...I LOVE champagne!

The apple flavor in it is really quite mild, it's more of a crisp, refreshing drink, than a fruity, apple-y drink.

When I was finally able to have a drink that day (I was "on-call" for drinking allowed!), I popped open one of the Light Ciders, poured it over some ice (I like my drinks EXTRA cold!) and discovered that when I'm not chugging it down because my husband is trying to take a picture of me, it is REALLY quite tasty!

So tasty, in fact, that I sent Mr. Wonderful to the liquor store to pick up some more to have on hand!

Visit the Michelob site here!

Visit the Michelob Ultra Light Cider page on by clicking the link!
Which favorite summer meal or activity do you think would go best with Michelob ULTRA Cider?


  1. I see the words "naturally gluten free" on that bottle! OOHHHH, I'm ALL over this! ( know, next summer. WWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!)


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