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"Brave"...My Take.

Word on the street is that "Brave" is getting some let's talk, you and I. Let's grab a cup of coffee and chat about this, is that okay?

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I've seen it twice already...yes, yes, I know it just came out on Friday...what can I say? I'm smitten. Head strong princess/heroine, with flowing locks of unruly red and adorable triplet brothers, sets out to change the age old tradition of betrothal. Along the way she makes a mighty mistake, but fear not (this is a Disney movie, afterall) all is righted in the end.

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The "critics" of this movie? They speak of violence, frightening scenes, and nudity.

Let's break these down, shall we?


If you are in the camp of the Three Stooges, Wile E. Coyote, and Tom and Jerry being "violent", then yeah, you'll probably think this contains violence. Me? I think that stuff is crazy hilarious!

Cartoon characters walloping each other? "Slap stick" humor? THAT is not violence to me. A shirtless, painted "Lord" getting a "titty twister" by someone in a throne room brawl? Hee-FREAKING-larious!

Frightening Scenes...

Yup, there are a few scary scenes in "Brave" involving one wayward bear and a scene near the end that involves fighting between bears and a coupla dudes thrown around. My kids? Didn't faze them.

Perhaps that says something about my parenting style...take it as you will, but I prefer to look at it as my children are aware that what they are watching is fictitious. All kids are different, even within families, so a more timid kiddo might be fearful of those scenes, but trust me when I say if you cover their ears/eyes they will LOVE the rest of the scenes...which BY FAR make up for it!

My four year old even did well...but since she makes grown men weep with her stubbornness and strong will, she might not be the best to base your judgement of fearful cartoon scenes on.


Folks, we're talking about some bare butts. Let me rephrase that...we're talking about some bare CARTOON butts. Dudes, this movie is based in Scotland!! They don't wear underwear there!!

I'll lay it out for you...a brief scene when one Lord "moons" (you don't see a darn thing except him lifting his kilt to the guys behind him) the other Lords. Laugh out loud funny to me...if you looked up "LOL" in the dictionary, it would have that scene as the definition.

Then a brief (less than 5 seconds?) scene in which a group of Scottish men, having just used their kilts to escape from a tower, are walking away, back toward the castle, and you see their bare naked CARTOON butts.

So, if you are offended by bare naked cartoon butts, then yeah, perhaps this isn't the movie for you. (But really, CARTOON butts? That offends you? And yes, it did need to be in it...nakedness under kilts DEFINES Scotland. Duh.) 

I, for one, LOVED the story of the headstrong princess set on forging her own path and not needing to be rescued from the highest window of the tallest tower...and, a few naked cartoon butts make me laugh.

To each his own, I guess! 

(Pssst...go see it. Just cover your eyes if the bare naked butts offend you...but life is so much more enjoyable if you just don't take it so dang me on this.)


  1. I was never one to listen to critics anyway:-)

    You review is by far the best and I will be seeing it this weekend.

  2. Hey hey hey! I'm from Scotland and I ALWAYS wear my underwear! You'll actually not often find men in kilts without underwear there ;)

  3. We are in scotland too MacGirl! :D We have and underwear , well... the 2 year old rarely wears his... but that is another concept, and seriously who could be offended by cartoon or two year old bottoms?

  4. I have got to take the kids to see this movie. I think all 3 will love it after reading your post.

  5. Wow, I've heard there was criticism of the movie but I just thought it was because it was kind of boring (Sorry!!) and because it didn't follow the princess/prince theme. I'm with you. I never would've thought people would be aghast over some cartoon bare booties. People these days take themselves to seriously!! And as far as the violence, I mean seriously? It's bears, what kid doesn't know that bears stand on their hind legs & roar??? Let your kids watch some Animal Planet people!! Ok, that's all I've got to say. Glad we could have this little chat ;) Now back to my coffee...

  6. We also loved Brave. My 6 year old is very very sensitive, so she was covering her eyes a few times, but she still giggles about the triplets' "lil bare booties." What I loved most? No Prince Charming. The guys proved that most men are doofs and women have their own strength, not needing a man to save their fragile little selves.

  7. OK, You made me want to go see this movie, though I am a frugal gal so I will be unpatiently waiting for it to come out on DVD and then I will just buy it. I know I will like it cause I like everything Scottish and Irish, so this is right up my alley!

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  8. Honestly, I hadn't planned on seeing it, though it had nothing to do with the criticisms. It's just that I don't have a little one anymore, and hubby is not too fond of the animated scene. But after reading this, I might have to reconsider.

  9. We saw the movie on Monday, and totally loved it! The story line is excellent, no "love interest", just the relationship between a mother and her headstrong daughter. Definitely one movie every mama should see with her girls. I didn't find it violent, at least in the cartoon sense; as you mentioned most cartoons have cartoony violence, though you have to admit the graphics in this movie were far superior to anything in the past, even from Pixar. The bare bottoms caught me by surprise. Not something I expected from Disney. I can see where some people might be bothered by it - again, the graphics were much more realistic than Looney Tunes or any other cartoon. It was making a point, and no other part of the body was shown. There was no sexual reference in the nudity (I think I would have been much more offended if they'd shown a bunch of cleavage). All in all I would watch this movie again in a heartbeat.


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