Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Sweet Goddaughter...

A year ago, I was debating on trying to turn my love of photography into a business. As in, a "profit earning business".  

And then I realized that chances are if I turned my love into a business I had to rely on for income, that I would cease to love it like you can only truly love a hobby. So, for now, I've decided to keep my photography as that...a hobby. Taking photos for friends and family and the occasional "referral".

I like it this way. Less, pressure, I guess!

I was just able to photograph our one year old Goddaughter, here are a few of my very favorites!

"I'm One!!"

Love this girl. Happiest little thing on blessed to be her Godmama.


  1. Great pictures and beautiful blue eyes!

  2. Sweet pictures, such a beautiful little girl! Not to mention her pretty blue eyes!

  3. She is beautiful and those are great photos, you have an amazing eye!

  4. great photos - come see the pictures D H takes for me - he just got a new camera and we love it


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