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Murphy the Goldendoodle

Oh my friends. I am smitten.

 Let me first say how ground breaking this is...please don't burn me at the stake for what I'm about to say (I was also going to add "please don't flog me" but after reading "50 Shades" some things have taken on entirely different meanings. *blush* That's all I'm sayin'.)...anyway, I'm not much of a pet person.

GAH! I know, right? I'm evil. Horrible. Awful.

It all started at puberty...this "unanimalness" (which, ironically, is when my allergies started...think Mother Nature was trying to get me to stay away?). I would have to wash my hands if I so much as brushed up against our cats...and FORGET petting them.


I've tolerated animals as I've gotten older...(except for the "drive by lick" that dogs do) but never been much more interested in them than just a "Meh. Cute dog.".

Until Murphy.

My brother and sister-in-law got Murphy right before Easter and OHMIGOSH is he cute. (I'm not sure how cute they think he is at the moment when he's totally not getting the potty training thing...but I'll think he's cute enough for the three of us!)

He's a Goldendoodle and is soooooooo soft and fluffy (and they say no shedding?!)...I want him.

Maybe when their baby comes we can sneak in and steal the puppy? You think? They'll be totally distracted (HEY...M and K LOOK AWAY FROM THIS POST!!) and exhausted with the new baby and I'll just bundle Murphy into my car and VOILA! Done deal.

I'll let them see him on weekends, or something.



  1. Awww that is a VERY cute dog! :)

  2. I'm with you on the dog thing - I was never a fan of animals, until my husband convinced me that he needed a hunting dog, and even then it took a lot of convincing. We now have an English Lab named Darby. She's a much smaller breed of lab and she's very calm. I love her like she's another child and often tell my girls that she's the best behaved one in the house!

    Good luck stealing Murphy... :)

  3. My dad has a goldendoodle. She is SO soft, and its true about not shedding. Well, not much anyway... very very little. The occasional hair stuck up my nose is all I've ever noticed. Nothing on the furniture that I could see. And she is so extremely sweet. So so so so cuddly.

  4. We have a goldendoodle puppy named Pippa. She is 4 months old now. We are in loveeeee. She is the sweetest, most fun, smartest puppy in the world & she doesn't shed at all and is hypoallergenic. We don't have kids yet so she is truly our baby. I can't imagine a better breed of dog. You should totally steal Murphy. Great pictures! You should come to Nashville and take some pictures of our Pippa girl!

  5. Oh my that is an incredibly cute puppy! I want one!!!!

  6. Someone really knew what they were doing when they crossed poodles and golden retrievers!


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