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The Creepy Story

Alright guys, I'll try to keep it short...but we all know how good I am at keeping a story short and to the point. Promise I'll try though!

Where to start???

Okay, so Thursday was a CRAZY busy field trip, brief stop at home, back to pick up kids from school, to Pal's baseball game (where he gave up a Grand Slam but we're not supposed to talk about it 'cuz it was only one earned run), straight to Belle's spring concert, where, at 8 pm I still didn't have a clue of what to do for supper.

At 8:15, we found ourselves at a local pizza joint, laughing and talking about our day and teasing Pal about his game (which they won, btw...). About 1/2 way through our meal, our waitress came over and nervously said, "Um...erm...ah...there's something really scary going on. Do you guys want to know about it?"

Ah duh. Yes. Yes, we do want to know about this "really scary" thing going on in our bucolic little sleepy town.

"Well, my boyfriend was at *Johnson's (*name changed to protect, um, my anonymity I guess?) hanging out and some cops showed up and told them to 'Shut it down guys, we have an armed abductor on the loose, who fled on foot.'!!!!"

*jaw, meet floor*


(Guess who learned a lesson about locking their home? Yup. Me.)

And the Mr. (who's about at anti-dramatic and anti-drama as you can get) and I commence talking about whether or not it's safe to go home. This is where I began to regret that I wasn't one of Charlie's Angels and couldn't go "sweep" our house and look for the bad guy and shoot him if I had to. Or, you know, at least be able to shoot a gun.

We get a little more info from the server who is texting her boyfriend and determine that the creepy dude's car broke down "south of *Johnson's" and he fled on foot and that there were "cops EVERYWHERE" out there.

So the Mr. and I pack up the kids (into our two separate vehicles...remember, busy day) and head to the local PD to talk with someone about whether or not it was safe for us to go home. And, we get nothin'. There is not a cop to be seen in town...until we get south of town and sho nuff! Cops. Everywhere. On every corner of every intersecting country road, in parking lots, on side roads...EVERYWHERE.

My mom and I were talking on the phone and she told me to go ask one of the cops if it was safe to go I turned around, pulled alongside a cop in a parking lot and told them my "unlocked/unattended" story and he shrugged at me and said, "I dunno. I suppose it's okay for you to go home. You're kinda far off the highway there."

Ah...a mile? That's far??? And dear sweet officer whose work I realize I'm interrupting but I'm doing so to keep my family safe...DO YOU SEE THE 4 YOUNG CHILDREN I HAVE IN MY VAN????????

"Suppose" is not good enough for me. So we drove off to hang at my parents for a bit, until we knew more. In the meantime, the Mr. is checking out the neighborhood and calling a couple of his/our cop friends...and of course, doesn't get any answers.

As soon as we get to my mom's, I Facebook our Sheriff's wife, who lives by us, to see what her hubby had told her...and I get an immediate phone call from her telling me that I freaked her out! She had no idea it was so close and, of course, couldn't get a hold of her husband, who, for all we knew, was running through the woods chasing after a bad guy.

(See? Can't tell a short story...)

Okay...gotta go to Pal's baseball tournament...I'll continue the saga later today!


  1. Holy cliff hangers! Did you get to go home? Did they catch the bad-guy?

    This is what I get for a couple days trip with my hubby and no internet time! I'll be keeping an eye for the rest of the story!

  2. Good grief woman you can just leave us hanging like that!

  3. Hope they caught the guy and ya'll are home safely!

  4. Oh no, you did NOT just leave that story hanging! That is soooo not right!

  5. Helloooooo - now on to the rest of the story!!!!

  6. That's soooo mean!!!!!!! Hope the tournament is over soon so you can finish! :)

  7. I agree, WHAT HAPPENED!!! I need to know. :D

  8. ok so you wrote this so he was not in your new bathtub but did you look in the attack or under the porch.

  9. Wow! How scary! I would have been incredibly nervous to head home too.


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