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Angry. So blown away by the new level of idiocy that my eyes were opened to today.

Stand forewarned...if you feel that DWI/DUI's are unfair, this is NOT the post for you. I may swear. Forgive mama bear is coming out.

So today, I hung out with my parents on the river while Mr. Wonderful had the younger 4 camping and Pal was hanging with his girlfriend's family. It was a beautiful day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On the way home, we found ourselves at some acquaintances/friends of my parents. Extremely generous people who are way too kind and welcome everyone off the river to their place for food and drink. (Personally, I got "we're kind of annoyed" vibes, but whatev...)

My mom and I and her friend were standing around the fire that was being tended to by a neighbor. We girls were talking and somehow (I don't really remember what brought it up) this jackass tending the fire starts talking about DUI's.

He's had 3. 

Classy guy, huh?

Before I know it, he's dropping f-bombs like crazy and arguing with my mom about how DUI's are a government conspiracy. How they're based on greed and they're just ridiculous and a "joke" and blah blah blah.

I stood there listening to his drivel, feeling sorry for the bum who clearly needs to go to treatment, and then my mom said something. And it was his response that made me nauseous, it was so unbelievably absurd.

My mom said, "Well, yeah but Joe, you could hurt someone driving drunk."

His response?

His stupid, freaking, idiotic, alcoholic response?

"That's life."

You know what asshole? It's not life. You driving drunk and killing someone is NOT FUCKING "LIFE". It is YOU making a horrible decision and RUINING SOMEONE'S LIFE because of it IS. NOT. LIFE. 

You hurting one of my children because you DON'T KNOW WHEN TO STOP DRINKING IS NOT "LIFE".

And what's scary, what my eyes were opened to tonight, is that PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK like that. Like DUI's are some sort of greedy conspiracy. That if a drunk driver kills someone...THAT'S JUST LIFE.


I want to cry.

And never let my family leave home EVER AGAIN.



  1. OMG! That makes me angry too! People are idiots. And horrible terrible people. I was named after my mom's high school best friend who was killed by a drunk driver. And my good friend's sister was killed 3 years ago by a drunk driver. Senseless! Their lives could have been saved! It's not LIFE. What a freaking moron.

    I am sorry. :( You had a good time & that must have ruined it!

    Please tell me y'all somehow let him know how cruel & stupid that statement was?!

    1. My mom tried. I stood there with my heart pounding and my jaw on the ground. He wouldn't hear anything my mom had to say. Ugh. What a piece of work.

    2. Ugh. Horrible. I'm sorry, Mama M. :(

  2. Yes what an idiot. Dumb@$$ piece of trash needs to be locked up.

  3. Yes what an idiot. Dumb@$$ piece of trash needs to be locked up.

  4. One can only hope that the concept of karma bites this guy on the arse hard before he can hurt or kill someone. I can truly understand your anger, frustration and fears

  5. He needs to be in jail. I cannot imagine what his family thinks about him. I wonder if they are afraid of him. I wonder how high his insurance premiums are. In this state, Oregon, now on the first offense you get the breathalyzer in your car. Period. Do not pass go. If you blow it again, no pun intended it is mandatory jail time. No exceptions. He wants to kill himself, fine. What an a**. Clearly his inebriated brain is addled beyond all hope. Or I hope that one day he figures it out.

  6. We hear the stories all the time about how those who drive drunk live, while those who were hit by drunk drivers pass away. My mind cannot comprehend how people can be so heartless and cruel. They never seem to think that if the shoes were on the other feet, than their perspective would be quite so inconsiderate and idiotic. It's not 'just life' when a person decides to selfishly take the innocent lives of others, rather, it's a senseless and reckless act. I pray that all those who come into contact with that man are kept safe from his inability to think like an intelligent human being.

    Kuddos to you for keeping your composure...I'm pretty sure I would have used more than a few colorful explicative....

    Take care.

    1. My brother in law was just witness to this a few weeks ago. A drunk driver almost hit him and his wife, ended up hitting another car and killing the driver, while the drunk driver walked away with a few scratches. It makes me sick to think about it.

  7. We just lost a pillar in our community, 45 years old, 3 beautiful kids and a gorgeous wife, a man who was a role model and a friend to all of us...21 year old drunk driver had a few scratches and the police can't charge him because there were some, unfortunate mishaps at the hospital.

    Men like you encountered...? Ugh, I have no words!

  8. Well said. THANK YOU for posting this. I personally have a zero-tolerance opinion about alcohol/drugs and operating anything with a motor. For someone to say "that's life" about hurting someone else means he ONLY thinks of himself and his own life. He has no ability to think or feel beyond his own nose--or beer bottle.

    Sadly he's not alone. I don't know what the answer is to eliminate DUIs but clearly the laws aren't strict enough with big enough penalties, and current culture in the US supports it.

    Stay safe.

  9. "That's life?" How about, "No, that's death and you are a three-time penalized attempted murderer. Lord knows how many times you attempted to kill and got away with it. What's 'wrong with the system' is that after the second time you're not in prison." I don't think I could have held my tongue.

    I give a pass for first offense, or anyway, first time, because people often don't realize how bad they are the first time they do it. Usually the first time someone has had too much, they are buzzed, because what kind of idiot would even think of driving if they're more than buzzed, and don't get trouble, just s lesson. I am appalled by the thought that anyone could drive impaired and not realize how scary a situation they are in. I drove home buzzed once and only once when I was 21. My mantra that night was, "Oh God, please don't let me kill anyone or myself." I have never driven if I had even one drink since, seriously, not even a glass of wine with dinner if I'm driving. It was terrifying. Anyone who thinks it's not a big deal, or even their "right" to do it disgusts me. Anyone who can do it and not be terrified needs serious help; let alone any waste-of-oxygen who obviously plans to try to kill again.

  10. I probably would have blown my top. I think that DUIs aren't strict enough! ( Example, in Germany, if caught once, you never drive again!) I swear if I got hit my a drunk driver, I don't care if I had a fractured bone sticking out of my skin, or ten seconds to deaths door. I would be hunting him down. People like him need to be locked up in a mental health facility to get the help they need.

  11. First off I have to say that it is obvious the person is an idiot. But what really hit me was how he obviously doesn't want to own up to his own problems. This seems to be a huge issue anymore-- no one wants to accept responsibility for their actions. It is far easier to blame someone else for all their faults, problems, issues. I have had several talks with my kids about accepting responsibility for their actions and words. And I will hold them to it! If you mess up, say so. I just wish that others would force their family to accept responsibility too. Sounds like if this guy did kill someone he would try to blame it on something or someone else. What a way to live your life.

    Okay-- I will step down now from my soap box! Great post by the way :-)

  12. Wow, I'm not sure I could have written this blog post like you did. I may have been in jail for punching him in the nose. I'm glad you are writing, though, and reminding readers that drinking and driving is no laughing matter. It's not life, it's the potential for death. It is very scary that there can be people out there in the world that have that attitude. To actually SAY those words is just beyond my comprehension.

  13. DUI is rampant out here in NM! People with multiple (10+) and no jail time! UNBELIEVABLE!

  14. "That's Life." ? Excuse me while I go throw up.
    So Sad.
    I am not one to swear a lot but that post deserved every single cus word you put in it. Plus some.

  15. I think you missed a few 'cus words and had I been there, I would have gotten right back in his face as we lost a wonderful sister in law because of some jackass that decided to drive drunk. I would have let him have it.

    Drinking is a privilege- not a right ( thus an age limit) and driving is also a privilege that in my opinion should be removed from anyone that gets a DUI because as far as I am concerned, they CLEARLY cannot make sound judgements. Just saying.

    My hubby and I like to drink socially, but we also know that if we are driving, one is all we get. Its fair and responsible. We can have more when we are home safe.

  16. wow... that is so so awful... sometimes i think i am so sheltered in my nice little world i don't even realize there are people out there that think like that... UGH!!! makes me SICK!

  17. What an idiot! I can't believe he still has his driver's license! Actually, I can't believe that he's out walking around freely and not serving time. My only consolation is that I fully believe that Karma will take care of this guy in ways that none of us could even dream up.

  18. I was in the car with my drunk uncle, not in a booster or seatbelt - nothing. Me and my 3 cousins. My 8 year old cousin flew out of the car and I had over 70 stitches in my arm and chin and 4 pieces of glass removed from within my shoulder. I was 6 tears old. Thank God we weren't killed and that no one else was hurt. This just pisses me off!

  19. He is a sick, sick person. We are all risk of these sick people.

  20. Wow! That man outrages me! My cousin was killed by a drunk driver at the young age of 22. He was home from work one night, he worked at a movie theater while putting himself through college when a drunk driver hit him. I was only 8 at the time, but even then I had no tolerance for people who drank and drived. In college I was that kid taking keys from friends because I didn't want them to drive home. If we have a party at our house, I make sure I stay sober so I can drive incase anyone and drinks too much.

    I'm sorry you had to be around that idiot!!

  21. I still read your blog Mama M even though I have not been very good at blogging or writing comments in the last year. This is a case where I have to comment!! A few weeks ago a friend of mine lost her daughter to a drunk driver, Her daughters name is Rashelle Nicole Pitman and she can be googled and you will find her story. A drunk driver driving on the wrong side of the highway (against traffic) ended her short life. Drinking and driving have always been a sore subject with me because of the danger of it but now it is personal!!! Drinking under the influence makes me sick and the punishment should be much harsher than it is!!!


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