Thursday, May 31, 2012

Can We Talk Pinterest?

Just for a sec...will you humor me, and let me talk at you about Pinterest?

Pinterest and, we get along all right, I giggle and sigh and dream and plan whenever I go on Pinterest. I can get lost for hours, in the idyllic, perfect world that is Pinterest.

Sure, I feel inadequate most of the time but sometimes, I feel thrilled (when I see something from my blog that was pinned!) but then. Ohhhhhhh dear friends, BUT THEN.

Then I stumble upon a fabulous idea. An "oooooooh, I ACTUALLY want to TRY that idea" idea. So, I click.

And what happens?

I get taken to an image page.

Or the main page of a years old blog that no way in heck am I ever gonna find what I was looking for.

Today, I even found something new...I was taken to a blog that was nothing but "popular" pins and found myself going round and round. Click on photo in Pinterest, taken to blog about nothing, but says "click here for source" and I'd click and be taken right back to Pinterest.

And so, what follows are my rules for Pinterest:

1. If you don't know how to pin properly, ask someone. 'Cuz it ain't hard.

2. Pretty, pretty please, before you repin something, follow the pin to see where the source is. If it is a pin of an intricate hair design that leaves you drooling, make sure the pin actually takes you to the tutorial and not to Google Images, 'cuz I dunno about you, but I haven't been able to get anyone from Google to come do my hair. Which means I need to learn it myself.

3. I'm okay with some self promotion. I've done it once or twice myself...but I beg you, DO NOT monopolize Pinterest with your own products over and over and over andoverandoverandover. Trust me when I say it makes me want to gouge my eyes out and never buy your product. And I can't be the only one. (PS...dearest Pinterest self-promoter that I'm thinking of...your product sells itself. You don't need to whore it out on Pinterest.)

4. know, I can't think of a fourth one. So, just follow the top three.


Over 'n out.

Love ya, mwuah!


  1. The pins that just take me to a picture infuriate me! If I knew how to do it to start with I wouldn't need to pin it! (And I'd be a millionaire sitting on my private island:)

  2. I totally agree with you. The only problem I find is that when you go back after checking a link it takes you back to the top of the page again so I have to scroll forever to get back to where I was. I try to check them and I do fix them. If the recipe is way down on a page I open that post, copy it and then edit my pin.

  3. The first drives me absolutely crazy!! I always try to check the pin first and attempt to find the right page and repin it myself. It's a huge pet peeve here.

  4. Exactly!! I ALWAYS click the link before I pin to make sure it works.

  5. How about the pins that take you to the "Just complete three offers!" pages... Arrgh! That makes me want to scream...

  6. Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!!
    I had to start working on the one about making sure what i'm repinning actually leads you to where you think it does! B/c sometimes i'm just pinning quickly on my phone while waiting in a line or something - planning to check it out later! But then i realized one day that people can't properly pin! So now i check! LOL

    And oh! The self-promoters...i think it's WEIRD! And...just, not cool!


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