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Creepy Story...(cont.)

Okay...where did we leave off?

Oh, yeah...Sheriff's wife, phone call. (Read the first part here...)

So, the Sheriff's wife tells me that she's fairly certain her husband would let her know if danger was that close to her, but she's not entirely sure he would if he was, you know, actually chasing down a criminal. She promises to call me as soon as she hears anything.

About 5 minutes later, the phone rings, it's her. She said he said "it's very unlikely that he's in that area" but he can't guarantee it. They're actually searching closer to town where *Johnson's (again, name changed) used to own other businesses that still bear their name. 

Shortly after I finish talking with the Sheriff's wife, I get a phone call from my husband who confirms that the helicopters we saw (sorry, left that out of the first story...saw two helicopters flying over the area) are, indeed, search helicopters that seem to be focusing their attention west of where we live and closer to town. Oh, and he's "sweeping" the house with a loaded shotgun after one of our cop friends told him to "sleep with his guns close by". GAH!

So, during that hushed conversation with the hubs (he was in the middle of said "sweep"...pretty sure the pros don't stop mid sweep to talk to their wives) my mom is now home and is fielding her own phone calls from friends. We've got the house locked down, bolted up, chairs against downstairs doors, dogs close by, phones in other words, we're freaked out.

And what does any good freaked out person do? They start speculating..."Well, if I was him, I'd bolt for the river." "NO! The river?! It's too cold...I'd just walk alongside the river." "The dogs can still smell you then, can't they?" And we determine nothing more than that we really don't know what we're talking about...however, we realize we are close to the river and downstream from creepy dudes last known location AND OH MY GOSH!! What if we ran right INTO the danger while we were trying to get away from it?! "Far from river home" to "close to river parent's home"?!

All this time, my parent's beagle is outside barking off and on. Here and there. And I finally say, "WHAT IS TUCKER BARKING AT?! What if it's the dude?!" And my mom reassures me that Tucker "barks at everything except humans". True story. Dog is neurotically afraid of strangers and cowers and hides from them. He wouldn't be barking at a person...


Chief, their other dog, though? Best guard dog EVER. He'd rip the guy's head off and then my parent's would be sued by someone cuz a creepy dangerous dude was trying to break in and the dog saved us, but killed him. Why is that? I can shoot a guy dead in self defense, but if my dog is protecting his "family" and bites a serial killer trying to break in I can be sued? Messed up.

Anyway, I digress, we sit in my mom and dad's room (my dad is gone fishing) while the kids watch TV and we talk. At about 10:30 pm, the hubs calls and says the house is safe. He searched every closet, every corner, under every's "clean". But I'm hesistant. And I sense some hesitation in him. He tells me if he leaves, he'll have to search again in the morning and I tell him I'm not making the decision to come back. If he thinks it's safe, we'll come, if not, we'll stay.

He's quiet, then says, "I've gotta trust my gut. I'm coming over there."

Friends, let me just say that this was huge. And it freaked me out. My husband is not AT ALL an alarmist. Or dramatic. Or a scared-y cat. So knowing he was freaked enough for all of us to stay at my parents? Freaked me more. Weird, I know.

I give him a list of things to grab for the morning, and then we wait for him to arrive. When he arrives, I find that my husband does not disappoint. He brought everything PLUS over to my parents...PLUS being his gun!

I ask him to send one more text to our cop friend and ask him to text us when they catch the guy...I mean, how can they NOT catch him, right? Helicopters, infrared, dogs...dude doesn't stand a chance. Right?

Wrong. We find out that the dude got away. They found the woman, who we found out the next day had been "severely beaten" (and rumored to have been airlifted, dead, stabbed...all sorts of stories floating around...), but the dogs lost the guy's scent on the highway. They speculate he got picked up off the highway by someone.

SOOOOOOO, crazy guy on the loose. "Armed and considered 'extremely dangerous'." And WHY is this not all over the news? Why isn't his face plastered all over everywhere? Why aren't people being warned about this dangerous guy so that they don't pick him up off the street?!

It took until late Friday afternoon for the BCA (doesn't it sound smart when a person uses acronyms? But then the person reading is all, "wha?" and feels I'll fill you in..."BCA" = "Bureau of Criminal Apprehension" ya know.) to issue a statewide manhunt. And still, it's relatively quiet.

The rumor mill is going full strength, however...he was captured 10 miles away (not true), they found his cell phone 10 miles in a different direction (dunno if it's true), possibly stole a car from town, cops searching houses a couple of miles from my's crazy. And the girlfriend's status? Nowhere to be found. No word. No update. NOTHING.

Nothing but a scary, "extremely dangerous" man on the loose.

And a town on edge...although they "have no reason to believe he is in the area any longer".

In other news, Mama is now ready to learn how to shoot a gun...and get myself a permit to carry.

Yup, won't be long and Mama's gonna be packin' heat.

(I'll keep you posted of any developments in the story...)


  1. Wow, that is beyond creepy. Hope they catch him

  2. That is crazy! I hope they catch him soon! That would have me totally freaked out.

  3. If I were you, I would have been packing heat a long time ago living in the country :)
    You are surely to be the most lively gun owner there is! I can't imagine the stories you would share of your target practice! HA!

    Scary creepy story indeed, glad you are all ok!

  4. My husband has been bugging me to get my permit (hey, we live in Texas! It's almost a requirement!) I think I would do better with a huge can of Wasp Spray! Seems like something on TV. Glad you are all doing ok.

  5. oh my gosh super scary!!! glad y'all are ok!

  6. Wow super creepy! I remember when I turned 21 I wanted to have a carrying permit so 3 years ago I got mine & I loved that I got my carrying permit but to be very honest I hardly ever take it with me though my glock mostly just stays @ our house in the bedroom beside our bed! I use to think I needed it every where with me because so much happens anymore but now I look @ it & the only time I ever truly use it is when me n the hunny go to the range to shoot however I must be honest someone tries to hurt me n my family I would not even think twice when I shot that gun @ them...

  7. I would still be locked in my house!

  8. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! They STILL haven't caught him? Good golly! See...this is why we need to be neighbors- I have a 9mm, and I know how to use it. :)

    When I was pregnant with A, Dave sent me to Walgreen's to get some Ben-Gay for his back. As I left, there was a SWAT team with guns pointed right past me!!! Apparently, there were armed drug lords who robbed a bank in Chicago living 2 BLOCKS from my house, and they were apprehending them RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! Never heard a thing on the news. We only knew what had happened because one of our friend's dads was chief of police in our town. Crazy!

    (p.s. we have since moved from that area.....)

  9. My mom said that the guy had beaten his girlfriend very badly, kidnapped her and was heading north (why, I don't know). The local authorities had called all the surrounding towns and counties and had many, many people searching for him. They figured he was picked up along the highway - and that's all she's heard. They don't believe he had any reason to harm anyone else - but who knows what a crazy person like that is capable of. I'm happy you guys were safe!!

  10. Freaky story, more like I'd read in one of my books than on a friend's blog! I'm glad you're all okay.


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