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All Grown Up

It's official...I'm now a "real" adult.

I'm not sure how much I've spoken of my loathing of the dentist (well, I don't loathe my dentist per se, just what he does...he himself, is a wonderful person) around here, but...well...I do. I HATE going to the dentist.

Even if just for an exam.

I turn into the world's biggest baby and annoy everyone around fact, I even annoy myself!!...after a trip to the dentist. 

For the last, oh, I dunno, forever, I've requested nitrous along with my novocaine, for any dental work...until the last filling I had in '08. At that appointment, it was like the gas made me hypersensitive to EVERYTHING!!!

The drill? SUPER LOUD!!!!!!

I could see the water droplets spraying out of my mouth.

The lights were too bright.

Everything was too noisy.

And after that appointment, I swore off gas. Forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Oddly, when I talked to my mom about not having gas this time she was all, "Oh, no I don't anymore made me feel like my 'spidey-senses' were on overdrive!!" EXACTLY!

Yesterday was the first time my "swearing off" was put to the test and when the assistant said, "Oh! I see you use gas..." I said "NO!! No more gas. PLEASE! NO!! It made me weird last time." Well, okay, maybe it wasn't quite that dramatic.

So, we went without and you know what? I survived. And I didn't feel irritable and crabby and like I wanted to take a nap afterward! Now I'm beginning to wonder if the gas made me all wonky ALL DAY LONG?!

In any event...I'm proud of myself and my big girl panties.

Okay, carry on. I'm done babbling...


  1. I am so glad to hear I am not the only baby when it comes to going to the dentist. I called just this week to get my kiddo's in and the receptionist was very perky and said, why not you as well. We haven't seen you in a few years. I grumbled and said fine. I will let you know how it goes in two weeks.

  2. I always talk to the dentist about how the electric chair was invented by a dentist. I hate going, but I would rather go then get horrible pain causing cavities and other stuff.

  3. My current dentist doesn't even offer the gas. I was nervous last time I had work done because it was the first time for me too, but I didn't even feel a thing. I'm glad it all went well for you too!

  4. Well done, M! I haven't been in about 14 months....HATE the idea of going back in there!


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