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Today, I melted...

But only just a little.

I awoke this morning to a girl who was lookin' pretty punk. Queasy, quiet, and her ever present stoicism. In my eyes, a step backward from yesterday.

On the inside, I worried. I fretted...but on the outside, I tried my best to play cheerleader. Encouraging trips to the bathroom, a walk in the halls, and breakfast. The first two I was successful at, the last?

Not so much.

Girl doesn't want to even think about food. Getting her drink takes some major encouragement!

I stepped out in the hall for some ice while the nurse assessed my babe's belly. Then, I stopped her (the nurse) in the hall to talk, and ended up teary eyed. It's just so hard to see one of my babies hurting. We decided to try some pain meds, even though Belle's been saying she doesn't need anything, and we ended up seeing our girl perk up a bit!

The nurse in me comes out too much, and I've been afraid of giving her narcotics because I don't want to slow down her already sluggish gut. Apparently, I need to get over that...'cuz, just like what Western medicine is good for, there's always a fix. If you mess something up with one pill, you can just fix it with a different one.

Anyway, the doctor reassured me that she will need something "stronger than Tylenol" for the next few days...he reminded me of how sick her abdominal cavity is/was. Basically, they are treating her as if her appendix did perforate (or rupture). He (the doctor) suspects that it did (at some point during the last few days, then sealed itself) because of how inflamed and infected her belly is.

Normally, when an appendix is bad, he says you go in and it's just a nasty old appendix...but her whole abdominal cavity was affected, which is what you see with a perforated appendix.

My girl on narcotics is kinda funny tho...chatty, loopy. Kinda cracks me up a little...and makes me realize that, indeed, she needs more pain meds than what we've been doing!

Praying for some good progress for my sweet girl...and I thank you for your prayers!


  1. Oh goodness, so happy that she is on the mend! Sounds like she's a strong, amazing girl, just like her Mama!!!!

    Hugs, prayers, and quick healing!

  2. Poor Belle! What an awful ordeal!! I'm glad it's behind her, and I'll be praying for a swift recovery.

    Stay strong, Mama. (((You)))

  3. I am praying for you both. I know as a mommy how hard it must be to see her sick.
    Sending you both hugs!

  4. I hope she starts to feel better soon. I hope you can find some peace too...I can't imagine how you must be feeling.

  5. What a beautiful little trooper she is!

  6. Poor girl (and Mom)...sounds like she on the road to recovery!

  7. Prayers for you both - I wish a fast and speedy recovery for your little one. Hugs!


  8. As awful as I feel for her (and you), I can't help but think about how absolutely gorgeous she is, even sick! I am praying for a fast recovery for your sweet girl!

  9. glad she is recovering well (even with the aid of some awesome drugs!) :)

    prayers continue to be sent your way!

  10. Glad she's doing better! And that's really scary about the appendix having possibly ruptured, glad she's doing so well! Continuing to send prayers and healthy, happy energies your family's way! :)

    Love the picture of the two of you! Too sweet! <3

  11. My prayers to you and Belle, hope she get better soon. Hugs and kisses. God bless

  12. As my mom said when I was recovering from my ruptured appendix (and she is also a nurse), you have to take the drugs because they make you feel good enough to get up and walk and eventually eat and drink which helps get the GI system working. It's hard to do the things you need to to heal without the aid of some pain medicine.

  13. Bless her heart. I've missed a few posts..very busy I didn't know she had surgery! Happy the Dr figured out what was making her so sick! Prayers are going up for her..and you!

  14. So glad that everything is okay and that she's smiling!!

  15. I'm praying for you guys. For her comfort. And yours, too.
    She is stunning, you know.
    Aren't we blessed to have good health care here? I can't tell you how often I thank God that I live in a place where I can count on the doctors and nurses.
    Love to all,

  16. I have tears in my eyes just reading this. I often have to put on my "strong hat" when all I really want to do is melt.
    xoxo Crystal Lynn

  17. Hang in there! Been sending up prayers for you all! (And thanks for the update.)


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