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Today, we had some progress...

My girl. In a chair. For a couple of hours.

We're up to three walks today, already. She actually ate a small amount of lunch and drank more than a few sips of fluids.

Her temps have been more normal, though, as is fairly typical with kids, as we're getting toward evening, it's creeping back up again.

The doc that saw us today, gave me a bit more insight into why they're taking it so slow with our girl...although there was nothing "spilling" from her sickened appendix when they removed it, her insides told them something different. I read the op note today that said: "Acute appendicitis. Peritonitis. Suspect contained perforation."

I was informed (by yet ANOTHER incredible surgeon) that she is at very high risk of developing an abscess because of "how contaminated her abdominal cavity was".


Hoping for discharge tomorrow. But only if she's ready.

Currently, she's on her 2nd nap of the day.

Clearly, her body is weary from all of this.

(Just as I was about to upload the girl's temp started creeping up even more. I'm now afraid that we've been masking her fever with the pain meds we've been giving her and I'm torn as to how much we keep her comfy at the risk of masking signs that something is brewing...)


  1. Oh dear! You had quite a little sickly on your hands! My husband was on dialysis for 4 years, we DREADED the risk of peritonitis!! Hopefully once she's healed, that's the end of it and you don't have to worry about an abscess!

  2. She's beautiful! I hope she gets well soon!

  3. Sending healing thoughts your way and that your girl keeps fighting and gets to go home soon!

  4. Ahhh, so scary about the abscess! Hope that doesn't happen. I'm glad to hear (and see, oh she looks so much better in that pic!) that she's doing well. :) Hope that her fever continues to stay down and that she gets discharged tomorrow!

  5. Still keeping her in my prayers... :(

  6. She is looking much better.. much more color to her. I am happy that she might go home tomorrow..
    xoxo Crystal Lynn

  7. despite the hospital gown, she is gorgeous! I hope everything is OK.... praying for a quick discharge!

  8. Poor thing! I'm so sorry for all of you that you had to go through this. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  9. Aw, that poor thing :( I hope she starts feeling better soon...I hate it when our babies are sick...I am praying for her...and following you (that sounded creepy:)

  10. Continued prayers for all of you....especially your little one. Hang in there, there are only warm, comfy thoughts headed your way.

  11. Awww bless her! Hope she feels better soon.

  12. I'm praying for the two of you. I know how scary it can be. I'm sure she'll be fine in a couple of days. It sounds like her doctors are on top of it and you certainly are.

  13. Sending positive thoughts to you and your family!! Hope she gets feeling better soon.

  14. It is so scary when your little ones are in the hospital! I have 12 kids and I've spent way too many frightening moments in hospitals. I'm so glad she is on the mend.

  15. Yikes, Ladies - as much as I love a good nail-biter, I'd rather you just get her healthy and home... I'm praying hard for you both! Hang in there - this has got to be tough! I'm so sorry!

  16. Oh no!...I am behind on my reading of blogs and I didn't know this had happened. I am so sorry! Your sweet girl is so beautiful. I certainly will be praying for her and for her sweet momma too.

    Hang in there...and hold tight to God!

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  17. GAH! Here's hoping for a nother great day today. I hate fevers!

  18. I've been reading all your updates, including more recent ones than this, but I have to comment on this one because she is just so stinking precious:) Seriously! I see a four years younger version of her in my own daughter:)

    Hope she feels better! I took care of "perfed" (sp?) appys all the time when I worked, and they aren't fun- for the pt OR the parents. Good luck and you guys are all in my prayers.

  19. Oh goodness me! I hope that she does not have any other problems. Praying for your little girl to get well soon.


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