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The Nukkie Fairy.

She comes tonight.

And, she will gather the Nukkies that we have placed in a bucket, just for her, and distribute them to all the new babies.

She'll probably leave some sort of prize in the bucket, for the big girl who is giving her Nukkies to all the new babies.

*sniff sniff* *tear* *sob*

Guess it's time to make my baby girl grow up just a little bit more.

To be entirely honest with was 5 year old Suri Cruise and her Nukkie that did me in. I panicked at the thought of my baby suddenly being 5 and still having a nuk. I know how this time warp of motherhood works...and I was afraid I'd wake up tomorrow with a 5 year old baby who still had her nuk.

So, Nukkie Fairy, if you're out there...please pay us a visit tonight.


  1. Oh no!! There is nothing more sweet than that baby girl and her nuk! I know it is time.. totally understand that.. but I will miss those sweet pictures of her cuddled up in your bed with that pink nuk :( Hope the transition goes smooth for you and your little one!

  2. Oh man, I cringe at the thought of us having to give up our paci's! He's weaned off of them during the day and can only have them for naps and night night now. But he wakes up SCREAMING when it falls out of his mouth in the middle of the night, so I can only imagine it will be TERRIBLE when we actually take it away! ackk!

  3. Good luck!!! So far we've been able to avoid Nukkies, so I have no advice, but am wishing you the best tonight!!!

  4. I sure hope that goes good for you tonight. I've never heard of the Nukkie Fairy. If that doesn't work...when my daughter turned two I took all of her Nuks and cut the nipple off them. She looked at them and said "broke" and threw them away. That was the end of it. I was totally shocked!

  5. Good Luck! Please let us know how it goes, I have NOT been successful in our attempt for the Paci Fairy to visit our house...if Hannah cries loud and long enough we eventually give in...

  6. Good luck! I wish I had the balls to get rid of theirs. I cut them months ago and we went through many nights of kids crying "Nuk...Broke!" over and over. And yet, they still take them because they are better than nothing. Ugh. Some day I will have your sort of bravery!

  7. The paci fairy TRIED to come to our house a few months ago. It failed miserably when our daughter was up until way past midnight screaming her little head off. She was even in our bed and still miserable. We will try again in May, when she's 2 1/2. Good luck tonight!

  8. Good Luck! Our kiddos get so attached to the pacifiers...5years...REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Glo-Worm's Vinny (or ME as he calls it) has been a blessing and curse. We are getting closer to being ME-less, but not quite there yet. We may have to try the ME Fairy.

  9. JDaniel had trouble letting go of his. He ended up cutting holes in them with his sharp teeth and as he said, "They didn't work."

  10. It must be that time of year!! The paci bugs came to our house 3 days ago and ate the tips on all of K's paci's. What a sad, sad day it was but K loves the new kitchen she has (that I got on sale for 16.00 woohoo).

    Oh my 5 years and Suri still has hers???? UGH.

  11. I hope it all goes well...but it is the right's weird seeing school aged kids with pacifiers! For our boys, we attached it to a balloon and let it float into the sky to the babies in heaven. It seemed to work, they didn't ask for it again!

  12. Good luck!! My son was easy, he started spitting them out at 3 months in exchange for a ba-ba. Big healthy boy. I can't imagine him now (turning 5 in May) still having them.

    MMmmm what kind of prize?

  13. Dooooo you know if there's a thumb-fairy? And if so, is she humane, or does she whack it right off? :) Best of luck. I'm approaching the Suri Cruise age with my little thumb-sucker and kinda wishing those darned pacis back.

  14. I keep a baby four days a week, well she is 2. when i fist started last year her mom said they wanted to break her. right after mom walked out the door i took out of her mouth to say good morning. i sat it on the table in plain site. do you know she never asked for it. I did not think anything of it until mom picked her up and said she is NEVER without her paci. I did not intend to take it, it just happened


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