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Appendicitis...The Saga.

Well, just as I was posting last night's update, our girl spiked a fever...and when she spikes, she totally looks puny. Wiped out, pale, glossy eyed.

So, I asked that the doctor be updated, he was and ordered a lab that I took as a "brush off"...I felt like he was just placating us with something because he didn't want to make any decisions that night.

Turns out, after talking at length with today's doctor, that it really is too early to tell. That it isn't entirely abnormal to run fevers after a perforated appendix (which they are now considering hers to be). He told us they need to weigh the risks of exposing a child to radiation with the benefit of doing a CT scan when it's really to soon to tell if there would be an abscess forming in there.

Made me feel better to have some reasoning behind all of this. And to know that we weren't getting a brush off last night.

I also wanted to know what our "criteria" was for I'd been totally shooting from the hip and, well, basically afraid to ask. Part of me wants out of here so badly, and the other part of me feels comforted by the safety net of another pair of medical eyes...and the knowledge that a doctor is just a quick phone call away.

Anyway...I was told her fevers need to be better (she's currently at about 102.4...that's not know, in case you had any doubt...), she needs to be eating more, and she needs to be requiring not so many pain meds.

Feels good to have some goals.

Also feels good to know that so many of you are praying for our amazing girl's recovery!

We've had a busy day today...lot's of visitors, which Miss Belle loves (and also enjoys they gifts they bear!) and we see her perk up! She even got in a bath today!'s to tomorrow. And progress toward some goals!


  1. Poor thing! Thanks for keeping us updated! I am just praying tomorrow brings improvement for her!

  2. I'm keeping your family in my thoughts. I hope your girl feels better soon.

  3. She is such a beautiful little girl. It is good to see her playing on the computer, and visiting with friends..instead of being, weak, and groggy and out of it. What a little trooper! it normal to put an ice bag on our heads when we have a fever? I just never thought of that???

    Hoping there is a big turn around soon ad that the fever will go away!


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. I am so sorry to hear that. Is she passing gas and stooling? The nurse in me wants to know. Hope she feels better soon.

  5. Your poor little baby! I'm definitely praying for her!

  6. Poor girl! I'm glad that she's where she needs to be, though I know it has to be killing you to have her there! She (and you) are continuing to have my good thoughts.

  7. I hope she feels better soon. I know it's hard being at the hospital but it's the best place for her right now. I have her in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I can't imagine having a baby that sick! Praying that she gets better soon!

  9. I am so sorry :( I hope she starts feeling better soon...Sick babies make me sad...I probably said that yesterday when I commented LOL!

  10. My heart goes out to you and your family and to your beautiful little girl. I know from experience how hard it is to be in the hospital with a sick child. My 5yr old spent 4 day in the hospital last spring with bacterial phnuemonia. I remember all to clearly the "goals" that had to be met before she could go home. Even though it was only 4 days it felt like a month!

    Hang in there!!

  11. It's always good to have goals and I'm glad the doctor was able to give you some answers.
    I'm continuing to send prayers!

  12. I am continuing the prayers! Hang in there Momma!

  13. Continued prayers for your pretty Belle-courage for Belle; strength for you and your family and wisdom for the doctors, nurses and other professionals caring for Belle.
    Hang in there!


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