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Last night, as I lay in a darkened hospital room (waiting for my Benadryl to kick in...hey, it's all about survival...) listening to the click and whir of an IV pump and the continuous blowing from the ventilation (in addition to some clanging and banging)...I started thinking about the past week.

It struck me, how things "work out"...

My parents, who have been keeping our other kids this whole time, were supposed to be in Arizona last week. Then, my dad's partner decided it would be fun to mistakenly swap his heart pills for his sleeping pills, and ended up being admitted to the hospital for some testing (only to figure out his mistake as they were packing up his pills to go to the Mayo Clinic--oops...).

Because of his "mysterious symptoms" (hey, YOU try taking Ambien right after you wake up in the morning...), my parent's canceled their Arizona trip.

And, because they canceled their Arizona trip, they were able to be there for us and step right in to help out. In reality, it wouldn't have been SO terrible, as they were scheduled to come home Thursday night, but it was incredibly comforting to me to know that I didn't need to worry one little bit about our other kids.

They were livin' it up at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

I can NOT tell you how grateful and appreciative I am for everything my mom and dad have done...THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!!

I'm struggling a bit with the guilt of now knowing my babe was sick long before I realized it. It's hard for me to accept that.

BUT, I am so glad I trusted my gut when it dawned at me that something more serious was going on. That I brought her in before she got even more sick.

I'm missing my other kids...they've been up nearly every day, but our Baby Girl can only stay for so long before she starts to get a little too "high maintenance"...and then there are the good-byes.


My girl woke up with brighter eyes today. We're going to work on her po (oral) intake and her incentive spirometry (breathing exercises). The combination of lack of activity and surgery have left her lungs quiet in the bases (bottom).

We've already gone for one walk...and it seemed she was more comfortable; walking straighter, walking longer distances. She's still pretty weak, but hopefully we can work on that when we go home.

Haven't seen the doctor yet. Not sure if we'll go home today...she spiked a fever for about 2 1/2 hours last night...but I see improvement today.

She is still on a pain med via her IV (in addition to an oral one), and I need to talk to the nurse about whether we try to stop that and see how it goes...'cuz we can't take the IV home! ;)

Currently she's coloring and watching Food Network...we've gotten in a lot of Bobby Flay in the last few days! (And I'm really happy that she's a FN fan!!)

We're just waiting on the doctor for a plan!


  1. Hang in there. I hope she gets discharged today. Take care, {{hugs}} to you and her!

    PS. You're a great mom and your handling this whole thing very well. This too shall pass.

  2. Hoping you two get to be home very soon! Glad she is doing better and getting stronger :)

  3. Hope that you two get to go home son and your daughters recovery continues to go well and speedy :)

  4. My son had to be hospitalized once...if it had happened only a week earlier, I wouldn't have had any vacation/sick time to use so that I could be out with him. My vacation/sick time renews Jan 1...he went in the hospital on Jan 5. Just further evidence to me that God takes care of is...even during the scary times.

    I hope that your daughter continues to improve and you are able to go home very soon! :)

  5. So glad to hear your little girl is feeling better! It's funny how things work out. My parent's were supposed to be in Arizona all winter, but my mom got sick and they stayed behind. However, we have all been really sick this winter and as it turns out, it's been a true blessing that they have been here all winter to help out!

  6. Glad she is feeling better. I had severe pancreatitis back last summer and i am just gonna tell you, those walks are A LOT harder than they seem. It's like your whole insides have been run over by a train. I was on TPN by central line for over 2 weeks so when it was time to eat, i was scared to death. And that stupid little lung thing about kicked my butt. My husband finally suggested I pretend I was blowing a bug away from me! It worked!

    But I am glad she is feeling better. God has a master plan and all we just have to appreciate how things fall into place!

  7. thanks for the update, glad she is starting to feel a little better

  8. First of all, glad to hear that there has been improvement and Belle is feeling better. Slow recovery is far better than no recovery. :)

    Secondly, don't beat yourself up with the guilt. I think many of us moms, myself even, would have waited out the symptoms to see if was just the flu or a bug. You made the right decision when you felt it was warranted and now she has had surgery and is recovering. We cannot look at our choices as mistakes but learn from them and go on.
    You are an amazing mama and do right by your children. Take care. ((hugs))

  9. It's always neat to see the Lord's miracles and how they work in our lives! The Lord is full of tender mercies!!!

    Always interesting being on the patient side of things too, huh?

    Hugs, Ginger


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